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What if?

Last weekend I taught a two-day ‘Animal Communication 101’ class to a group of really fun folks. In this class I first start off talking about managing your energy, opening up, the basics of how to communicate with animals, how you may receive information from animals, etc. I use slides and everything! On that first day of class we play a little and I have the students connect with a few animals and write stuff down. What did they see, feel, hear, sense, that kind of thing. We’re learning about animals and having fun. On the second day of class I teach them a few more little things and then we dive in and do it. Meaning, they pair up with their fellow students and read eachothers’ animals. Live. While facing eachother.

So during day one and even the beginning of day two it feels like everyone is having a good time. The energy is up, we’re learning new things, we’re feeling good, we’re excited. But what I found so interesting was the shift I felt the second day at the exact time I said, ‘Okay, let’s do this for real!’ Boom. The energy in the room crashed and I could literally feel all this ‘stuff’ coming up for these guys. And I mean it was a major deer in the headlights shift.

I’m a very empathic person, very tuned in to my intuition and the energies around me. Which is good because that’s what folks come to me for, but it can be pretty wild to be in front of a group of people and feel an intense drop like that. I actually started laughing. No, not at these guys, just at the feeling. I really was kind of shocked at how intense it was. As I said, I could literally feel all their ‘stuff’ coming up. ‘Wait! We’re going to do what?’ ‘I can’t do that! I’m not good enough.’ ‘I’m just me, I don’t know anything about doing something like that!’ ‘I’m not worthy of connecting with an animal.’ And the big one…’What if I’m WRONG?’ Yea, those ‘What ifs…’

Man, did that take me back. Been there, thought that. As humans, we spend so much time worrying about not being good enough, not being worthy, getting things wrong, that we often don’t take the shot. We don’t take the chance. We don’t step out of our comfort zone and try the things we’ve always wanted to try because we just don’t think we’re worthy, or ‘what if________?’ Those ‘what ifs’ haunt us throughout our lives.

Well the heck with that I say. Today I propose that we change the end of that ‘What if ______?’ to ‘What if this is the best thing I’ve ever done?’ ‘What if this changes my life?’ ‘What if I have so much fun doing this that I don’t even care what anyone else thinks of me?’

You’ll be happy to know that every single one of my students had a blast connecting with eachothers’ animals last Sunday. Every single one of them came back in to the room with a massive smile on their face. Every single one of them was blown away that they received validated information while connecting with an animal. And THAT energy shift made me cry. So thanks guys for the reminder…

What if?

Live and learn in Munay.

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