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What happens after?

So I’m currently taking a class to further my Animal Communication studies and to learn how to better teach it. In this class, we’re working on telling our stories. How did we come to Animal Communication? What barriers did we have to push through when learning to do this work? Stuff like that. My teacher/mentor is constantly pushing me to become more vulnerable when I’m teaching or writing blogs or basically just being. I think she feels I hold stuff in. And I realize she might be right. But not for the reason she thinks.

The other day when I handed in a video for homework, she critiqued it and said ‘Always start with the pain.’ (I seriously want to get her a t-shirt with that on it…) What she meant was, when you share the things that you went through on your way to something, it really helps people because they see that they’re not alone. And I totally get that and agree. My best teachers have been those who I can most identify with. But what if you just don’t feel like your ‘pain’ or ‘stuff’ is all that big a deal and you just don’t want to keep it around?

I’ve said it before, I’ve had a pretty darn good life and really don’t have a whole lot to complain about. Which is just one of the problems. The ‘pain’ in my life is minimal and I don’t feel good complaining about it. And when I talk about it, that’s what it feels like…complaining. The other problem is, as that Law of Attraction junky you all know me to be, I’ve learned that ‘telling a story’ over and over keeps it in your vibration.

But it dawned on me the other day when she said that about putting the pain first, maybe I just need to change the accent of the story. Change the focus of it if you will. Because it’s not about the pain, it’s about the healing. In other words, the stories we tell don’t have to be stories of adversity. They don’t have to be about the stuff that happened before. The highlight of our stories can be…

What happens after?

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