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What am I missing?

Right now at the beach in NC we’re kind of stuck between winter and spring. Which is a good place to be stuck in that it’s been in the 60s and occasional 70s lately, but a bad place because it’s also been in the 50s and occasional 40s lately. We’re just starting to see the pollen build up on the cars which again, good thing because it means it’s really coming, bad because it gets THICK down here and it’s coming. But the worst part of this in between place is the waiting. Waiting until we can completely open the house up to the usually fairly short-lived spring and get things started.

Last weekend the hubby and I did open up the outdoor kitchen and got some gardening done. (Okay, he did the gardening, I pointed where I wanted things to go…) But then that’s about all we could do. In the summer, when he comes home from work, we usually sit outside by the pool and catch up about our day. We’ve tried that a few times the past couple of days and found it was just slightly too chilly and damp to do it so came in. This time of year I’m always reminded of that quote about enjoying the journey. Like instead of waiting to get to a certain point you should enjoy EXACTLY where you are NOW because life’s too short and all. Which I totally get! And yet…

Earlier today I was on Facebook Live talking about the lessons we learn from our Animals and our Guides and how when I give a reading to a client I always get a reading. Meaning the lessons that I receive for my clients from their Animals or their Guides are often lessons for me too. And lately I’ve been getting a LOT of the same message. Letting it be and letting it flow. Stop trying to make something happen, but go with whatever is happening right now. Let go of control.

Bottom line, me sitting her trying to wish the next season in to being is just me  resisting where I am now and trying to control the coming of the fun part. But now I’m wondering….

What fun part am I missing while I’m waiting for the fun part?

Live and learn in Munay.

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