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Well, what did you expect?

Confession time. I used to be a pessimist. Yep, it’s true. I used to go through life noticing what ‘is’ and assuming the worst. That way, I told myself, I wouldn’t be surprised, hurt, or angry when what I had assumed was going to happen, happened. I got that from my Mom. My Mom was a total pessimist. Although, when after I changed my way of thinking and would call her on it, she would say she wasn’t a pessimist, but a realist. She was realistic about the fact that things weren’t going to work out… We agreed to disagree about that. Anyway, when a friend turned me on to Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction (which she probably did because she was sick of hearing my pessimism…) my whole world changed. I was like, ‘Wait. So you’re telling me that I can start assuming everything is going to be awesome and it will?’ Yea, turns out, that’s pretty much how it works. So let’s go back to basics.
According to the Universal Law of Attraction, we get what we expect. It’s that simple. When you’re thinking about a situation and you expect a certain outcome, that’s what the Universe starts lining up for you. In essence, when you’re thinking about that outcome…whether it’s wanted or unwanted…you’re sending out the vibration of that outcome. And Universe is responding by sending you things that vibrationally match that outcome. So let me go back to that ‘wanted or unwanted’ statement I just made. Suppose you find yourself with an upcoming day off and you want to go to the beach but you keep telling yourself, ‘I finally have a day off to go to the beach, but I bet it’s going to rain and ruin my good time.’ Guess what? It’s most likely going to rain. So that one was simple. Now suppose you find yourself with the same day off and you want to go to the beach so you say, ‘I really want to go to the beach and I really want it NOT to rain!’ I know it sounds like you’re being optimistic, but according to the L of A…you’re not. In that thought, you’re still focusing on ‘rain.’ Yes, it’s unwanted, but it’s still there. May sound complicated, but it’s not.
The bottom line is, you need to take what you don’t want OUT of the equation all together. And expect only what you do want. ‘I have a day off! I am SO psyched it’s going to be gorgeous and sunny!’ And it will.
What did you expect?
In Munay…
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