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Take the wheel.

Every Friday for the past couple of months a colleague and I hook up by phone and have kind of a mini-mastermind meeting. It started out as a pretty structured thing. We were each supposed to come to the table with certain goals. We were each supposed to lay out the steps we thought would help us reach those goals. There was a specific amount of time each of us got to talk. There was a specific amount of time each of us ‘coached’ the other. There was note taking. In short, there was kind of an agenda. That lasted like 2 weeks maybe. Since then, our timing has gone out the window and we’ve really started just flying by the seat of our pants. Half the time I don’t even know what I want to talk about until we’re actually on the phone. Then one of us will just start talking and suddenly we’re feeding off of each other, connecting intuitively and saying, ‘YES! Exactly!” and stuff like that as we help each other out. It’s pretty awesome. And now I’m laughing at the thought that we even considered it being any other way.

As an Intuitive, I’ve learned that that’s pretty much the best way to move through life. Kind of flying by the seat of your pants. (Which isn’t to say I’m actually able to do it all the time…) In other words, feeling your way through your day. Checking in with your intuition when making decisions about pretty much anything. Basically following your gut. It’s like when I have a coaching session with a client. I always tell them that there’s a basic format to a session. First I connect with them, then I connect with their guides and after that it just goes wherever it’s suppose to go. And it always goes exactly there. Where it’s suppose to.

Lately I’ve been becoming even more aware of how ‘off’ I feel when I’m trying to make something happen in a certain way. From business stuff to home stuff. But if I just put it ‘out there’ then get out of the way, the things I’d like to happen, or the things that kind of need to happen, always do. And that feeling ‘off’ is a big piece and a piece I think we all miss. A lot. We make a decision to do something, but we feel yucky about it…and then we do it anyway. Not good.

Why my colleague and I thought that a structured meeting was the way to go I’ll never know. Maybe it was to remind us that it doesn’t work that way for folks like us. Maybe it was to remind us that Universe is in divine order and you can’t make it turn out any better than they can. I definitely think it was to remind us to get out of the way and allow.

What did Carrie Underwood say, “Jesus take the wheel?”

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