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Figure out what you can do to help and do it.

I happen to live on a pretty small island off the coast of Southeastern NC at the beach. Now we’re not so small that every single person you pass you know but we are small enough that a good portion of the people you pass you know. And, because we’re a beach town, we have a LOT in the service industry here. So, I know a lot of restaurant and small business owners. Among them: massage therapists, Reiki Masters, crystal shop owners, organic market owners, ethesticians, acupuncturists, nail techs, hair stylists, coffee shop owners, healing energy workers, yoga teachers, etc. Now if you’re reading this in April of 2020 you’ll know that we’re in the middle of a bit of a pandemic and many of these places have had to shut their doors for a month or more. Our restaurants, if they’ve stayed open, are now only allowed to do takeout orders, our spas and wellness centers are completely closed, and our small markets, even though they can stay open, are definitely taking a hit. Even I’m taking a hit and I’ve always worked from home and do all of my sessions over the phone or video, but I get it, folks are scared and probably holding on to their money. 

Now we love where we live and we love the people we surround ourselves with and we want to make sure everyone makes it through this and can get back to business. And that’s what this post is about. Paying it forward. Figuring out what you can do to help and just doing it. So, a couple of nights a week the hubby and I pick a restaurant and order take out. Every Saturday we hit our drive through coffee shop and then our take out bagel place. And recently I’ve tried to start taking pictures at each place and posting on FB just to remind everyone to keep things moving, to support, to do what they can. We’re all in this together as everyone’s saying, so let’s do it together! 

The fun part for me (okay not really fun at all…) is that (as I’ve mentioned…) I’m high risk and can’t go out or if I do go out I can’t go in anywhere. So the hubby is the one who has to go in to any place we actually can go in to to get stuff. Then when he either gets back to the car if I’m sitting in it, or back to the house if I didn’t join him, I basically hose him down with disinfectant and hand sanitizer, etc. Today is a gorgeous day here at the beach and I decided I wanted my smoothie (dammit!) so we took a drive to our local Inergy Market where dear friends Shawn and Stephanie are plugging away. The photo is Stephanie and I sharing the love through the door.

So this is what I’m asking. Again, figure out what you can do to help and just do it. For me it’s visiting these guys, having a Reiki session over the phone, getting a coffee and posting about it, ‘checking in’ on FB from the bagel place. Yes, right now, we just have to be a little more careful. But we still have to LIVE! And we still have to SUPPORT one another. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • order takeout
  • hit the drive through
  • contact your hair stylist and buy some product from them
  • schedule a phone session with your energy worker
  • buy a class package from a yoga studio
  • buy a gift card from ANYONE (small businesses, not like Amazon…)
  • post on FB and ‘check in’ from any place you visit to let folks know they’re open

A friend posted a super cool graphic she found from someone this morning (I hope this link works as you read this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10222579544940763&set=a.10202706252680877&type=3&theater) It’s all about the ‘Growth Zone.’ The two big points in this to me are: 

Find a purpose and think of how I can help others.

So let’s figure it out and do it.

Live and Learn in Munay

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