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Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself.

I say this all the time to my clients. Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself. And this is definitely the time of year when we all have a tendency to do just that. We ‘should’ all over ourselves. ‘I should go to that party.’ ‘I should drive 600 miles to see my family.’ ‘I should buy her something.’ ‘I should invite them because they invited us.’ ‘I should send out Christmas cards.’ ‘I should write that check.’ And I get it, it is the time of year to spend more time with friends, to give, to reach out, etc. But, does it have to be at the expense of ourselves?
It shouldn’t.
There’s something about the holidays that is so special. I personally love the Christmas movies (what? You didn’t know that?), I enjoy a little baking, I enjoy shopping for friends and family, I like wrapping, and I do enjoy seeing people I haven’t seen in awhile. BUT, I’ve learned that I need to do those things in my own way. I bake three types of easy-to-bake cookies in one day and I’m done. I do most of my shopping online and early. I choose which party I’m going to and send regrets for the ones I’m just not feeling up to. And, I often don’t travel. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my family and distant friends, but sometimes the ‘getting there’ is just too much. If you asked the average person, they might look at me and go ‘tsk-tsk, you’re not doing the holidays right.’ Bottom line is, I may not be doing them right for them, but I am for me.
When I ‘do the holidays’ the way I want and need to do the holidays in order to maintain my sanity, instead of the way others may feel I’m supposed to do them, I actually enjoy them. I’m not constantly walking around with a list and checking things off. And I AM able to look at the lights, watch the movies, enjoy down time with friends, eat the stuff I wouldn’t normally eat, wake up in my own house with my hubby and animals on Christmas morning, and go take a walk on the beach.
All around me this time of year I hear people complaining of traffic and shopping and cooking and wrapping and too much of this and not enough of that. And I can feel their total overwhelment. Just so you know, it doesn’t have to be like that. Stop shoulding on yourself… Make the holidays into what YOU want them to be. And have a
Merry Christmas!
In Munay…
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