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Stoic I am not.

The other day I spent some time re-recording a few videos on my website that explain how a session with me works. I did one for a Soul Level Animal Communication and one for an Intuitive Life Coaching session. Now the Animal Communication readings usually…and I use that word lightly…work the same way for most clients. Meaning I energetically connect with the human, then the animal, I body map, ask the animal questions, then help the human work on the lessons their animal(s) are trying to help them with. Really powerful stuff, and fairly straight forward (although the animals can and have taken control of a reading and I’ve just sort of had to run with it…but that’s another blog.) But as I was recording the videos I realized how hard it was to succinctly explain how an Intuitive Life Coaching session works.

In an Intuitive session I energetically connect with the human client then their Guides. After that, I kind of just have to sit back and see where those energies take me. In other words, the only ‘format’ to one of these sessions is that I connect with the human and the guides and then we (me and the client) just hold on for the ride. In one of these session, I’m basically the middle man passing along the information my client needs at that time. And your Guides know what you need to hear, when you need to hear it, and how you need to hear it. So that’s how they give me the information. In a way that you’re most easily going to take it in.

The funny part of all this is how in to it I am. How amazed I still am each and every time I’m able to get the messages across to my clients. As much as I’d like to explain how professional and stoic I am in these sessions, I kind of can’t. I’m always SUPER jazzed at how the information comes in, and how my client and I are able to piece it together. So it’s not uncommon to hear me say in a session something like, “Oh WAIT! This is SO cool what they’re showing me right now!!” or “OH! Check this out! They just showed me _______!” or “I have no idea what this means, but this is what they’re making me say to you!” I often hold my client sessions via video, FaceTime or Zoom, and it’s pretty funny to watch a recording of a session and see myself all waving my arms and laughing or concentrating really hard with a scrunched up face.

So even though I did my best re-recording the videos for my site, I’m not really sure I captured the true essence of a Coaching session. Or my personality within one…. Like the videos, saying I love what I do kind of doesn’t tell you the whole picture….

Live and learn in Munay.

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