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Spread the joy of possibilities!

A couple of weeks ago fellow Psychic Wife Ginger Hendry and I recorded a podcast episode about Vision Boards (you can find it here). As is often the case we weren’t really sure where the topic would lead us and thought maybe it would be a short and sweet little recording. But, again, as often happens, it wasn’t and we had a few ‘a-ha’ moments as we spoke.

So for those of you who don’t know what a Vision Board is, it’s basically a board of possibilities. You cut out photos and such and add them to a board that you look at every day so you’re putting it out there to the Universe what it is you want to manifest. But as we discussed on the podcast, it doesn’t even have to be an actually board that you hang up. It can be a notebook, it can be a file folder, it can be a journal. Basically anything that works for you to help you consistently look at and dream about the things you want to create in your life.

I mentioned the word ‘possibilities’ above and that’s kind of what we ended up using. Possibilities is such an amazing word! Just think about all the possibilities in our lives! Crazy, right?! And as we spoke we kind of discussed how you use a vision board. Like I said, if it’s a board you would hang it up in a place where you would be looking at it as often as possible. If it was a notebook/folder/journal you would keep it someplace where you would open it often and review what you’d written or included. And then we thought, what a great thing to do first thing every morning! How great would it be if you rolled over every morning and reached for your ‘book of possibilities’ before you reached for your phone to check email? How great would it be to start your day off thinking of, dreaming of, and creating all the things you want out of life?!

When I talk about the Law of Attraction and how we can be, do, or have anything we want, I’m often met with folks saying stuff like, ‘Well yea, that works for the little things like vacations and new iPhones, but it can’t work for the big things like world peace and equality and love.’ But in actuality, it can.

If each of us woke up every single day and the first thing we did was look at all our possibilities which made us feel joyful and grateful and full of hope and love and wonderful expectation….

Well, can you just imagine how that could spread?

Live and learn with love…

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