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So I’m a work in progress.

Last month the Hubby and I did something rather big. We bought an RV. Not a travel trailer, but one of the big ‘motor homes.’ And when I say big, I’m not kidding. As I write this it’s sitting off to the side of our driveway right under my office window. Our house is on pilings so my window is like on a second floor. And if I opened that window, I could touch the top of the ‘monster bus’ as we’re calling it. Big. But we’ve realized that this country we live in is really beautiful and we haven’t seen enough of it. But, being dog people, we want to bring the pups with us whenever we go somewhere. Hence, a condo on wheels.

Our first trip is coming up. And our good friends who already have an RV are meeting us on the road. Not only to have a great time, but to show us the ropes of the whole ‘glamping’ thing. The problem is…I’m a home body. And an introvert. I like my space. So the thought of leaving it and doing something slightly off the wall to me is a bit rough. Yet…because we bought a motor home, my home is kind of packed in it. So what’s my problem?

Change. I’m the kind of person who just doesn’t like it. I’m also not that adventurous. Growing up with my girlfriends, I was always the one that played devil’s advocate. I was the one that convinced the others that that certain thing we were contemplating doing at 10:30 on a summer night was probably NOT the best idea. Don’t get me wrong, we did stuff and we got away with stuff. Mostly harmless. Riding horses all over the place, ditching school, smoking on school grounds. Like I said, harmless. But now? I wouldn’t dream of doing some of the things we did then. So when did that change? When did I become this overly cautious person that has to psyche herself up to do anything adventurous. I guess I just didn’t realize how cautious I had become about some things. And that’s the weird thing too, the things that cause me anxiety. You would think in this time of ‘pandemic’ I would be all cautious and anxious about THAT. But I’m not. (Full disclosure, I live in NC where it’s not been bad at all and have been hanging out with and hugging on my friends on a regular basis. Not worried at all about it.) 

And then there’s the whole cancer thing. I was talking to my doctor about how folks that get that diagnosis, go through treatment, and are all good have this new zest for life. I asked her when that was going to kick in because it most definitely hadn’t for me. In short, she told me I needed to take a chill pill and give myself a HUGE break this year. Sounds familiar. I believe my last post mentioned how my dear friend told me the same thing. So okay…

Obviously I’m a work in progress.

So here’s to the RV life! Wish me luck…

Live and Learn with love.

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