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Slow down you crazy child.

I was talking to someone the other day about how I receive information when I connect intuitively with a human or an animal. I was explaining to them that sometimes, well often, the information comes in so fast that I’m talking a mile a minute in order to get the info out to the client. I laughed at that and said that I lived in Jersey for 20+ years so I was pretty good at talking fast. But it did make me think. What else in my life do I do fast. And the answer was…everything. In fact, I’m often moving a mile a minute. And I also realized, that’s not a good thing.
A friend of mine is a life coach (www.liveyourpurposecoaching.com). A few weeks ago she posted a vlog on FB about multitasking. She too felt it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I’m not really sure when it happened, but several years ago, the word ‘multitasking’ came in to power. It was what we were all supposed to be doing in order to be more productive. We needed to be doing at least three things at once in order to be considered good at our jobs, or proficient, or efficient. Problem with that whole concept is…it’s completely wrong.
I don’t know about you, but when I really get amped up and am going full tilt, doing three plus things at the same time, things start to go wrong. For me, it’s usually physical. As in, I start moving so fast physically that I’m actually bumping in to stuff and hurting myself. That’s my sign. (What’s yours?) Sure, those three plus things are getting done at the same time, but in my experience, none of them are getting done in the way they should be done. And, more importantly, I’m not present in the moment that I’m doing them.
Now I can hear some of you saying, ‘Why the heck do I need to be present in the moment I’m doing laundry? Why can’t I be folding laundry, boiling eggs, talking on the phone with a friend, and checking on the sauce on the stove all at the same time? What could I possibly be missing?’ Think about it. While folding the laundry you see that maybe that stain didn’t come out of Johnnie’s jeans and you think, ‘I need to switch detergents. What kind should I get? Suzy uses Tide, maybe I’ll ask her about it,’ at the same time that your friend on the phone told you something that COULD have been an ‘a-ha!’ for you. Or WORSE, something she really needed some help with. Okay, I know that’s a silly example….But what if it isn’t? Let’s all slow down and consider…
What are we missing by multitasking?
In Munay…
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