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That quote about life being a Journey…

 You know that quote about how life is a Journey and how we’re supposed to enjoy the journey? I’ve been hearing that quote since I was like in high school. It means that we’re not supposed to rush through life just to get to the good stuff because by doing that we’re actually missing all the good stuff. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get that quote.
We do rush through life. We rush through our days in order to get to the evening when we can sit back, pour a glass of wine, watch a good movie, take a walk with our dog, or read a book. It’s the stuff in the middle that a lot of people think sucks. That’s the stuff we rush through. And you could look at it on a bigger scale. In addition to rushing through the middle part of our day, we rush through the whole middle part of our lives in order to get to the end stuff. The retirement, the days of traveling, or sleeping in, or taking classes for the fun of it, basically just doing whatever we want. We rush through the middle of everything in order to get to the end.
But what if we decided, right now, not to? What if we decided to roll around in the middle part? There’s a Law of Attraction quote that I love. I don’t know the exact quote so I’m just going to paraphrase here. It basically says that when we ask for something through our wants and desires, the Universe provides it to us better than we could have ever imagined it ourselves. That’s why, when we want something, it’s always best to only put out to the Universe the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ as opposed to the ‘how.’ Our ‘how’ isn’t ever as good as Universe’s ‘how.’
You’ve heard me say this before. One of the ways that we ask for things in our lives is via contrast. We know what we don’t want, therefore we know what we do want. Something crappy happens at work and we know we don’t want anymore of that, but we do want more [insert want here]. So, even without saying it, we asked the Universe for that. And Universe always delivers what we ask for. We just have to line up our energies with those things we want for them to appear in our physical world. So, back to the Journey thing.
What if we were to be present as much of our day as possible? What if we were to pay attention to the middle part of our days and our lives and start to notice some of the things we don’t want and thereby pick out all the things we do want? What if we enjoyed the Journey…
and watched Universe lay out a path that we couldn’t have even imagined for ourselves?
In Munay…

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