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Practice what you preach…

Last week one of my dogs started bullying my other dog. It happened twice. The first time there were no injuries, the second time there was a slight scrape. But that’s all it took to throw me in to quite a funk, fill me with anxiety, and make me wonder what I’m doing wrong and how I should be better at this. I’m an Animal Communicator for crying out loud! I should be able to stop this from happening. I should have well behaved dogs! So I went in to ‘fix it’ mode. I called the vet, I called the trainer, the crates came out, a muzzle went on, and I was in full on, ‘I need to fix this because I should be able to’ mode. Basically, I forgot everything I know about the lessons our animals are here to teach us and the Law of Attraction. What we focus on, we get. And the past several days all I’ve been focusing on is the situation with my dogs. So, naturally, Universe is going to give me more of it if I don’t knock it off.

I’ve mentioned before how every morning I meditate, ponder a question or something I’m working on then pull an Oracle card. My favorite deck of all time is Colette Baron-Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck. So this morning, I was pondering this whole situation and basically asking what I needed to know in order to move on. And I pulled Seahorse Spirit. ‘Watch and wait’ is the message.

“Seahorse Spirit appears at this time to remind you of the need to be neutral and gain perspective. Your message from Seahorse Spirit is: ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys.’ Spirit wants you to know that even if you are tempted to jump into the fray and try to fix things, the best way to serve yourself and others right now is to remain clam and simply watch and see.”

(THAT’s why they’re my favorite cards.)

Am I saying I shouldn’t have done anything about what happened? Just step back and let them sort it out? No. But what I am saying is I needed to get out of that reactive mode and stop shoulding on my self. By trying to fix things from a place of desperation amongst a bunch of turbulence, I’m not doing anyone any good. A great lesson from my guides. And a fabulous lesson from my dogs….but that’s another blog.

Live and learn in Munay.

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