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Practice what you preach. Or just ask the dog.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a video by actor Will Smith on my business Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GeriAKarabin/). In the video he talks about how we have to create our own happiness. We can’t look outside ourselves, or expect someone else to create it for us. That we’re all individuals on our individual journeys. And even if we’re married, or living with someone, or someone’s partner, we’re still individuals with our own journeys taking them along side someone else on theirs. Pretty powerful stuff.
I think I’ve always understood (or at least for the past 20 years or so…) that I can’t look outside of myself to make me happy, I have to look inside. But what I think I’ve been missing is the part that says I can’t make someone else happy if they aren’t. They have to do that all by themselves. And I realize that I try to do that ALL THE TIME. I try to fix stuff for the people around me because I really do want everyone to be happy. It just feels better, right? (No big surprise that I’m in to healing, helping people let go of stuff, and learning lessons from their animals, right?)
I was reading a client and her dog the other day and what I was getting on her was that she was in a pretty bad place. Things weren’t going well and she was really falling in to victim mode. And in that mode, she had basically stopped trying to do anything to get herself out of it, but instead was just sitting there in a state of slight depression waiting for someone else to fix things and make them right. When I connected with the dog, he showed me the same thing about her and his lesson to her was that SHE had to do the work. She had to take responsibility for her own thoughts and feelings and dig herself out of this. Of course, he was trying to help her do that, BUT he wasn’t doing it for her.
Here’s the interesting part. As I was reading her and telling her all of this and getting total validation from her on all of it, I was feeling SUPER uncomfortable. And I was feeling uncomfortable because I didn’t want to say these things to her and cause her to be unhappy. I didn’t want her to feel bad because of what I was saying to her. Even though it wasn’t me that was saying it to her! I was getting the information from her energy and from her dog. So why was I feeling bad telling her this fairly depressing stuff?! Yea, because I was feeling responsible for her happiness.
Now here’s the cool part. As I’m in the middle of telling her all about this lesson the dog is trying to teach her, and I’m feeling bad and responsible, the dog brings my attention to the video I mentioned above and had posted a few weeks ago. And then just looks at me. Like he was saying, “Remember this?”
Yea. So MY lesson in all of this?
Practice what you preach. And if you can’t, just ask the dog.
Live and learn in Munay.

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