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Open up and say aaaaaaaahhhhhh….

 I have a ritual that I do every morning. I meditate for 20 minutes, I read something inspirational and then journal a bit about it, and I choose an Animal card or an Oracle card and either read or intuit the meaning…then I go make my cappuccino. This ritual kind of sets me up for the rest of my day. The inspirational stuff I’m reading lately comes from a book called Rituals for Transformation. Each day the book gives you something to think about in a way you may not have thought about it before, and then encourages you to jot your thoughts down. It’s pretty powerful (dragontreeapothecary.com). So the other day the thought was “I open myself to receiving.” And that really got me thinking.
As humans, we try to control the world around us. I’ve definitely talked about this before. In order for our day to go the way we want or need it to go, we do our best to force it to do just that. We try to take control of everything and wrestle it in to the position we want. This made me think about my animal and human client readings. The absolute most important thing I have to do when working with both human and animal clients is to get completely out of the way. I have to totally open up to receiving whatever it is I’m supposed to receive. And I have to have no attachment to what that may or may not be. It can be a challenge. Think about it, if the information I receive isn’t all soft and fluffy info, I still have to convey it to the client. When I first started doing this work that was hard for me. It was hard because I’m basically someone who really just wants everyone to feel good as often as possible and I dreaded having to pass on something negative to my clients. I wanted to wrap everything up in a nice pretty bow for them so they could walk away feeling good. Fortunately, the more I practiced reading humans and animals, the more I realized that by doing that, I wasn’t helping anyone. By desperately wanting to make every thing all fluffy and nice, I was missing the point. Sometimes we need to accept the bad in order to get to good. It’s the Law of Attraction at it’s finest. You know what you don’t want, so you know what you do want.
So now, before every client reading…and as part of my own morning ritual…I set an intention and ask that I’m able to completely open up to whatever it is I’m supposed to receive for the greatest and highest good of all. And then I just listen, and feel, and hear, and see what comes up. And you know what? When I do that? I get the clearest messages. And it takes the pressure off. I don’t have to control anything! If I just listen…if I just,
open up and say aaaaaahhhhhh…
Everything falls beautifully in to place. Try it.
In Munay…
ps. If you’re interested in booking an Intuitive Animal Reading, a Shamanic Illumination, or a Law of Attraction Coaching session, visit my website, gerikarabin.com, for more information…

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