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It’s not the thought that counts…

Last night, RK and I watched a documentary on Tony Robbins. I’d never really watched anything by him before so was intrigued. It was pretty powerful stuff and it felt good because he’s definitely in to the Law of Attraction. It really was a documentary about him and not one of his teaching videos, but I did zone in on this one thing he said, “Stay in your head, you’re dead.” I liked that. And it’s sort of something I’ve talked about recently. The “Tell it like you want it to be” blog. But I wanted to expand on this because I think sometimes people get confused.
So Law of Attraction people often say, “Thoughts become things.” And they do. But it’s not technically the ‘thought’ that causes the thing. The ‘thought’ causes the ‘belief’ and the ‘belief’ causes the ‘feeling.’ And it’s the feelings that cause the things. Yes, it starts with your thoughts, but a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. So when you keep thinking, you start to believe it, and once you believe something, it causes you to feel something. And when you FEEL it, that’s when the vibration is bringing like things to you. Abraham always says, ‘feel your way through it.’
When we ‘stay in our head’ and use that as our guidance system, we’re missing out on all the power. Yes, we have to think about things all the time. But, if we could train ourselves to get out of our heads and to think with our gut, we’d be much better off. So, should you stop thinking about things you want or need or that are happening around you? No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is instead of JUST thinking about them over and over and over again, think about them and then drop down and figure out how those things make you feel. If a thought you keep thinking makes you feel bad, then you need to reach for a better feeling thought. If you stay in your head and never drop in to see how you feel about these thoughts, you’re never going to get anywhere.
Use your feelings as your guidance system. Use the way you feel to navigate through life away from the things you don’t want and towards the things you do want. The goal in life is to feel good. It’s that simple. When you feel good, more good comes to you. When you feel bad, it’s a sign to turn away from whatever it is your thinking about. It’s the feeling….
not the thought that counts…
In Munay…

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