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Why not just ask for it all?

A while ago I was talking to someone about the Law of Attraction and how life is supposed to be fun and how we’re constantly expanding and manifesting more and more and more by our thoughts and beliefs. I was explaining that by thinking positive thoughts we could continue to grow our lives into these amazing things and that we can be, do, or have anything we wanted. Unfortunately, this person is a pretty negative nelly so she basically told me I was full of crap. She said that she is absolutely happy where she is, that she needs nothing else in her world, that everything in her life has gone according to plan, and that it is perfect. And I thought, how incredibly sad for you.
Some people hear me say things like ‘manifesting more and more and more’ or ‘we can be, do, or have anything we want’ and think I’m selfish, or I’m a glutton for things, or I want all these material things. And sure, there are some material things I would love to have. Who doesn’t want some of those things? A really nice house. An awesome car. That great pair of shoes. But when I say, ‘more and more and more’ I’m not just talking about those physical or monetary things. I’m talking about health, longevity, love, compassion, and the ability to help others in life through my work. Those things are things we can manifest too.
We are always creating with our thoughts and our beliefs. We are here to continue to create and expand. And here’s the thing, the energizing part of all that is the DESIRE. Think about how you feel when a desire hits you. When you say to your partner, ‘Oh! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could [fill in the blank]?!’ And they say, ‘OMG! Yes! We could do [this] and [this] and [this]!’ Just feel the energy around that. Wow, right!? One of AH’s recent quotes says this:
“You want the desire because it is the idea or the goal or the Creation that is responsible for a good amount of Life Force to flow through you. The main event is the Life Force that is flowing through you, not the manifestation. And if you don’t believe us now, wait until that manifestation has popped, and realize that its power to draw life through you will be greatly diminished. That’s why you keep wanting another goal and another goal and another goal…”
So, if you’re sitting back, not wanting anything, thinking your life is perfect, I ask you this. What are you missing out on? Why not find out?
Why not just ask for it all?
In Munay…

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