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My pen is mightier than my keyboard.

I’ve been talking with a fellow intuitive and friend once a week in kind of a quick ‘accountability’ meeting. We talk about our wants or goals…both personally and professionally…and how we think we need to go about achieving them, and we give eachother intuitive advice on all of it. A couple of weeks ago she had suggested a method for me to compartmentalize things in my life in the hope that it would help me be more present. Stick with one thing at a time instead of making myself crazy jumping from one thing to another. The method she suggested involved working on my computer. Now I will admit I’m a bit of a techy. I get a real kick out of technology. I love my iPhone, iPad, and iMac and can usually figure out how to do just about anything on them. So when she suggested a spreadsheet, I was all giddy thinking about setting it up.

We met again the other day and our conversation turned to ‘going back to the basics.’ And, as usual, I realized that those exact words had come up several times last week. And in more than one client meeting the lesson the client was supposed to be working on was not over thinking things and simplifying. Once again, I was getting a bit of a nudge from the Universe. And it made me think about that spreadsheet….which I hadn’t started yet because I was trying to work out how to do it, what I wanted to accomplish with it, how best to set it up, which software program to use….and I realized that I was doing the exact thing I was helping my clients STOP doing.

So I grabbed a notebook. A plain, spiral notebook with simple white pages. And for the past two weeks, when something has come up that has had the potential to pull me in another direction so I can’t be present with what I’m working on, I’ve taken two seconds to write that thing down and then carry on with what I’m doing, safe with the knowledge that that ‘thing’ will be right there on the page when I’m able to give my full attention to it. And you know what?

It’s working.

Going back to a basic, no frills, notebook…no spreadsheet, no new app, no fancy Word document…and quickly just jotting things down is allowing me to keep my brain clutter free. It’s allowing me to actually let go of all the things I have in my head. (And trust me, there’s a lot in there…) Will this plain-jane notebook turn in to a beautifully covered journal at some point? Probably. But what I’ve learned is that for me, right now, my pen is mightier than my keyboard and going back to basics was really all I needed. (Full disclosure, it’s a gorgeous fountain pen…) So now I ask you.

What are you overthinking?

Live and Learn in Munay.

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