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My cat knows the Law of Attraction better than I do.

The other night, my cat reminded me how to pivot.
If you follow Abraham-Hicks and their Law of Attraction teachings you know what I mean by pivot. Sometimes, when we’re caught up in the middle of something and we just can’t make it right, the best thing to do actually is to completely walk away from it. If there’s something we’re really trying to ‘fix’ or ‘make work out in the exact way we need it to,’ but we can’t, we’re doing more harm than good by continually poking at it. Mostly because we’re coming from a place of resistance. In other words, we’re not allowing God/Spirit/Universe (whatever you call it….) to make it workout better than we can. So, the best thing to do is to completely pivot. Walk away and find something else to feel good about.
So the other night I woke up around 3am and started tossing and turning a bit. And, being me, I figured as long as I’m up…I might as well worry about something. (Yep, it even happens to Law of Attraction spouting energy workers.) Now, I didn’t go in to it looking for something to worry about, my mind just started thinking about life, and work, and things that needed to be done, and for some reason, it naturally progressed to, ‘HOW AM I GOING TO DO ALL THAT?!’ (I know you’ve been there….) So I’m in the middle of turning over, fluffing the pillow, rearranging the sheet and blanket, trying not to wake up my husband, turning to my right side, nope, now my left side and I notice that my cat has come up on the bed and is sitting there staring at me. She kind of lies down next to me, continues to look at me, then reaches her paw out, puts it on my face and ever so gently flexes her claws. Not enough to scratch me, but enough for me to whisper ‘ow,’ and ask her what’s up. She just continues to stare at me. All cute with these big eyes and really long whiskers and then she starts to purr.
Now this isn’t the first time my cat has done this. She does it a lot. Comes up to me, reaches out her paw, touches my cheek, flexes her nails just a tiny bit, and purrs. But this time I realized what she was doing. In my Animal Communication practice, I’m constantly getting messages from animals that are trying to help their humans by teaching them lessons. They often show me images of their humans being stressed, or fearful, or anxious, or whatever, and then they show themselves doing little things to their humans to break that cycle of thinking. Yea, that’s what Nicki was doing for me. You would have thought I would have picked up on that a bit earlier, huh? Considering. Turns out…
My cat knows the Law of Attraction better than I do.
Live and learn in Munay.

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