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Let what’s suppose to happen happen.

A couple of weeks ago a very dear friend asked me if I would do a Mediumship reading for her sister who had lost her husband about a month before. I’ll be honest, I was WAY concerned about doing the reading. Not because I didn’t want to help, of course I wanted to help, but because I know the sister and the sister’s husband. Not well, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen either of them, but still. When you know the people you read, it can be a bit more difficult. (It’s that left brain/right brain thing. You can sometimes question whether the information you’re receiving is because of something you already know about the client or is coming in psychically or from Spirit the way you want it to.) The other reason it can be difficult is because of the grief. When someone has crossed so recently, we here on the human side are in so much grief that it’s often not even possible for us to hear the messages our loved ones are trying to get to us. So, I explained to them both exactly this, but decided to go for it and just see where the reading went, where Spirit took us. And, as it turned out, it was a really good reading. Not so much because I received a ton of information from her husband, but more because it was what she needed at the time. To hear a few messages and to just be able to vent, and talk, and listen. Since our first session, I’ve spoken to this friend again. This second time I wasn’t feeling very well so we agreed that we’d just hook up by phone to talk even if I wasn’t able to connect psychically or to Spirit. And once again, the conversation was awesome.

(Side note here. If you’ve read my recent post about M.E.S. (https://www.gerikarabin.com/connecting-to-spirit/) you’ll get a kick out of this. My office is next to the bathroom. As I’m writing this, the fan just turned on in the bathroom and a near by bluetooth speaker keeps saying, ‘ready to pair’ over and over. So cool….)

I often tell students who I’m working with on Animal Communication that one of the most important things in a reading is to allow the reading to go where it’s supposed to go. To allow the animal…in an AC reading…to lead. But it’s how I like to do all of my readings or sessions. For sure I go in to each of my readings with a loose ‘agenda’ if you will. Meaning I know what I usually do first, then second, etc. But I make sure to stay completely open for nudges to do something else or guidance to move in a different direction.

What’s my point in all of this. I really think that it’s about letting go of control. It’s about allowing God/Spirit/Universe to lead you. It’s about knowing that all is well and there is some divine order. It’s about knowing that ‘they’ really, truly do want what’s best for us.

It’s about being reminded to stop trying to control things and to allow exactly what’s suppose to happen, to happen.

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