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Man it’s freeing!

This is going to touch on something I mentioned in my last blog, but I guess I’m just finding where I am right now to be very interesting. lol. Case in point….

Yesterday I did something super fun and really cool. I got my brows microbladed. For those who don’t know, it’s kind of like getting a tattoo on your brows, but it’s in little strokes so it looks super natural. (If you’re in the OKI area and want to know more, hit me up and I’ll give you my friend Des’s contact info. She’s amazing, professional, perfectionistic, and just a great person…) Now of course as part of the process she takes before and after photos. If you offer a service like this that’s a no brainer. You want to show potential clients how it looks. So we took a bunch. While I’m lying on a table. With a hair net on. Without any makeup. Up close. Real close. Of course at the end of the procedure my friend sent me all of the photos so I could see them too. And OH THE WRINKLES. I’d like to say I was shocked, but I’m 57 and have always loved the sun so that would be a lie. But here’s the point.

I didn’t care.

Another case in point. The hubby and I recently signed up for a dance class. Last week was our first one. So you have to sign a waiver and part of that states that they can use photos/videos of you on their website and social media. And I signed it. And the next day, there I was on a video for all to see fumbling over some dance steps.

And I didn’t care.

And it made me think back about a photo shoot for my website a few years back. I remember I was in agony. Sitting there for over an hour with someone pointing a camera at me!? And then putting those pictures online!? It was unthinkable. But yesterday in the middle of the procedure we took a couple of funny photos to send to a friend and we were laughing so hard we had to take a break (I was going for Groucho Marx…and no, that’s not what the finished product looks like…) In other words, I was happy and having fun. Just like I was when I was dancing the other night.

What’s my point in all of this? I guess it’s that same old, ‘Life is short!’ thing. So why waste time worrying about what someone else might think of you. That’s their story, not ours. I’m not sure when I got to this place.

But MAN, it’s freeing.

Live and learn with love…

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