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Yesterday I was in a Zoom meeting with a few of my fellow Animal Communicators. We were talking about different marketing ideas. Different ways we could get ourselves out there and let the world know what we do. (We’re always trying to spread the word about Animal Communication and all things Intuitive and how it really can be life changing…) Now, in the past, one of my colleagues and I had mentioned doing a podcast. We laughed about what we’d call ourselves and pretty much left it at that. Let the conversation fizzle out. Like who were we to do a podcast? But it came up again yesterday. And, all of a sudden, it wasn’t such an outlandish idea.

So of course, last night as I was discussing it with the hubby I started getting more and more excited about it. Today, while I’m stuck downstairs away from my computer with only my iPad because my carpet cleaning dude was here this morning and the carpets are wet so I have to stay downstairs so my dogs don’t immediately make it dirty again…I started researching this whole podcast thing. And I can barely stop myself!

I tend to geek out when it comes to technology and websites and all things similar. I love creating something new that works, that everyone can benefit from. And, I’ve already reached out…repeatedly…to my colleagues to set up another Zoom call to get this thing launched. (If they aren’t sick of me now, they will be within a day or two…) So, next week, we’re doing just that.

And that’s where you come in. If you had the opportunity to listen to a podcast about all things intuitive. What would you specifically want to hear? What do you want to learn more about? Comment below with your ideas. 

And let’s get this started!

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