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Let go of the ‘how’. Trust me on this.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about how we always get in our own way by trying to control how something happens, when we should just put it out there that we want something and then allow God/Spirit/Universe to provide it. In other words, we should just focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ and leave the ‘how’ out of it. Because, it’s going to be way better the way the Universe makes it happen as opposed to how we would. I was telling my friend that I occasionally to do this workout called intenSati created by Patricia Moreno. It’s very physical, but each move is combined with an intention. At the end of each section, you repeat the mantra:
“What I desire is on its way. And it’s coming to me in greater amounts than I could ever imagine. This is the vision I choose to hold. In a state of love and gratitude. No matter what.”
And it’s true. Trust me.
The woman I study Animal Communication with, Danielle MacKinnon, leads these trips several times a year to various places. One of those trips is to Bimini to swim with wild dolphins. This isn’t one of those places you go where they have a bunch of dolphins confined in a lagoon and you get in and pet them or whatever. On this trip you get in a boat every afternoon, head about an hour out in to the ocean where the dolphins usually hang out, and hope they show up. If they do, you get in the water and snorkel around watching them. There are pretty strict rules about not touching them, etc. Like I said, these are wild dolphins. The energy is supposed to be magical and everyone says it’s seriously a life-changing trip. So each year this trip is in August when I usually can’t go. This year I decided I could and really wanted to. Unfortunately, the trip was already full. No seats left. But I had this incredible pull to go. And I just KNEW that I was going to Bimini.
So, I reached out to the woman who puts the trip together, she’s a travel agent who sets these kinds of ‘energetic’ trips up. And I asked her if there was a waiting list and if she could put me on it. I was figuring if I just concentrated on the ‘what’ and the ‘why,’ a space on that trip would open up. I wasn’t intentionally focusing on the ‘how’, but that’s really the only way I could see this working. If someone dropped out and I got the spot.
But that’s not how it happened. The day after I reached out to this woman about a waiting list she called me. “So here’s the deal,” she says. “I can put you on a waiting list, but you’ll never get on. No one cancels for this trip.” Bummer I thought. “But, there’s another trip and I had an idea….” she says. Long story short, in July, I’m leading a group in Bimini to swim with wild dolphins, talk about Animal Communication, Shamanism, and Law of Attraction. I’m so glad I didn’t spend a whole lot of time focusing on the how and trying to make it happen the only way I thought possible.
Universe made it happen. And it came to me in greater amounts that I could ever have imagined.
So yea, let go of the how.
Live and learn in Munay.

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