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Just watch what happens when you ask for help…

Just in case you weren’t aware of it, there’s a hurricane in the Atlantic and it’s headed right for me and a bunch of my closest friends in North and South Carolina. Of course, by the time you all read this…God/Spirit/Universe willing…it’ll be gone and all the questions will be answered. Questions like: Where is it heading? How strong will it be? Exactly where will it make landfall? Should we stay to protect the house? Should we go? Can I find a place that I can go that will take my animals?
I always tell people in other places who hear about us in these storms to NOT watch the news, especially The Weather Channel. The media LIVES for these kinds of things. It’s how they make their bread and butter. By focusing on all the BAD things that could go wrong. And then there’s the social media outlets like Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stuff out there is literally laugh out loud funny. (Like there’s actually a FB group called “Tracking Jim Cantore” and it’s hysterical. [Jim is known for going to the places that are going to get it BAD so none of us want to see him. And yes, he’s here.] And this: “Waiting for a hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle.” I still laugh every time I read that.) But in general, people are basically just posting and reposting all the doom and gloom from the regular news outlets, even if it’s like days old. Seriously, the stuff I could tell you…but I won’t.
But then there’s this. This morning, when we saw that the track of the storm had shifted and we were now right around ground zero for landfall I started to have a MAJOR anxiety attack realizing we’ve got to get out of here. I just couldn’t seem to manage my energy. But then I thought, ‘Wait a minute, I’m part of a tribe of some of the most amazing energy workers I’ve ever come in contact with!’ And I decided to reach out, get vulnerable, and ask for help. Which I totally hate doing by the way. I asked them to send everyone that was going to be affected by this storm some major good juju. And man, did they answer the call. Immediately, I was getting communications from all of these folks telling me exactly how they were trying to use their energy to help. My teacher even started a FB live for her group asking others to join in and share how they’re helping with all of their energy.
I also started receiving invitations from friends all over the country saying ‘Come on! We’ve got room!’ and offering to put me, the hubby, my two dogs, and my cat up for however long this thing lasts. Without even thinking about it, friends from Upstate New York, Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and California said, “We’ve got you!”
So this morning I was breathing shallowly through an anxiety attack. Now, I’m just kind of basking in the love. I mean…
Look what can happen when you ask for help!
I don’t know if all this energy will help send Florence out to sea, shift her to a place where it won’t cause too much damage, or just take away some of her power, but I do know that I feel better just because I asked for the help.
Again, by the time you read this, hopefully this whole thing will be over and we’ll be back in our house cleaning up and getting back to normal. And my guess is I’ll get a blog or two out of it. So….
Stay tuned.
Live and learn in Munay.

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