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Just the ticket.

I read an article recently about how important it really is for all of us to take vacations on a regular basis. And I’m beginning to agree. Even though I kind of don’t actually do it. I used to. The hubby and I used to take at least a week ‘off’ every year and hang on a beach or by a pool somewhere, but for some reason, that tradition kind of went away over the past couple of years. And you’ll notice in that last sentence I put quotes around the word off. Because I’m realizing that even when we did stick to that tradition, I wasn’t ever really ‘off.’ In fact, I’m never really off in general whether I’m here or away. I’m thinking most small business owners will understand what I mean when I say that. If you work for yourself, are you ever really off? Sure we can get in a car or board a plane, but we usually have the old iPhone in our hand at least at some point in our day. Every day.

Well, thanks to a few friends who just ‘put it out there,’ the hubby and I will be boarding a plane this summer and will kind of be out of touch. Completely different time zone, sketchy Wifi, and frankly a TON of fun stuff to do. Now on the one hand this is all very exciting. On the other? It’s terrifying. What if a client needs me? What if a student needs me? What if I miss an important class? What if I miss an important call? And the big one…what if I lose my momentum? Like what if I come home and have to start rebuilding the work I’ve done in my business all over again? Kind of ridiculous to think like that, but again, small business owners you get me right? But here’s the thing. Just the fact that those thoughts are going through my head kind of proves that I’m thinking on a lower emotional level…and I need a vacation.

It’s really a Law of Attraction thing. And I talk about it with my clients all the time. When we are at our best, vibrating at a high level, we attract other high vibrating things to us. Abundance in all things, clients, relationships, jobs…all the things that match our awesome vibrational frequency. When we’re drained, tired, over worked, constantly on the go, well, our vibration can really take a dip. So even though I LOVE what I do, constantly doing it can and probably has taken its toll. Which is why I’m thinking all those worried thoughts I listed above. So a twelve day vacation where I’ll be mostly out of touch?

Well it just might be the ticket.

In my future posts…and on my FB page and IG page…I hope to regale you with tales of an awesome vacation! One where I embraced being out of touch and one where I come back recharged and riding a really high vibration! So to those clients booked for right when I get back? Hold on for a great ride….

Live and learn in Munay.

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