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“It’s not a TUMA…”

About a year ago I wrote a blog about this ear thing I’ve was dealing with (you can read it here). At that time I was on day 37 of the issue and it was annoying as hell. July 3, 2019 marked the one year anniversary of this ‘ear thing.’ Yep, for over a year now I have had a blockage in my left ear with some ringing. I can still hear and you just kind of get used to the ringing, but again still annoying. Last year I went to two doctors to figure it out, one said it was an infection and gave me meds, the other felt it was allergies and gave me meds. Neither worked and turns out I was allergic to the allergy meds. Go figure.

But then about a month ago I decided it was time to go to a specialist. An ‘ear, nose, and throat’ doctor. Now I’ve spoken before about how I really dislike all things medical, so I was feeling slightly uncomfortable when I walked in…but that was nothing like how I felt when I walked out. When the doctor said it was nerve damage from a viral infection, but ‘oh yea, I want you to go get an MRI to rule out a tumor,’ then lead me down the hall to check out and walked away. (My guess is she’s a brilliant doctor, but yea, a tad lacking in bedside manner as they say.) I was left standing there like, “Wait did she just say the ‘t word?’

The point of this blog is not to make you all feel sorry for me, I was sort of doing enough of that myself. Well I guess I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself, but I was WAY ALL UP IN MY HEAD ABOUT POSSIBLY HAVING A TUMOR IN MY BRAIN. And it absolutely froze me for several weeks. I just couldn’t manage my energy or stop thinking about it. And, knowing the Law of Attraction like I do, I was freaking myself out because it was all I could think about. So I’m like, “I HAVE TO STOP THIS! I’m attracting a tumor!!”

Due to a miscommunication between hospital and doctor’s office I still have not heard from my doctor giving me the all clear. BUT, I did get my hands on the report and between myself, the hubby, a good friend, and google, we’ve deciphered enough of it to tell…I do not have a tumor. I have a cluster or weird veins in my head that are probably genetic and have been there my whole life and will probably never cause a thing and that I would have never known about if I hadn’t had the MRI and that have nothing to do with my ear.

I tell my Animal Communication clients and my Intuitive Coaching clients all the time that there are lessons in all of these things for us. I’m working on figuring out my lessons from all of this. But I do know I’ve learned (again) two things:

  1. Ignorance really is bliss. If I hadn’t gone to see about my ear, I wouldn’t have known any of this and wouldn’t have been riddled with anxiety for the past month. (No, I’m not saying don’t go to the doctor….but…)
  2. Don’t give away your power. Like I did to the mere notion of a ‘tuma.’

Lessons learned.

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