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It all comes together in the end.

As an Intuitive Animal Communicator, I get to connect with all types of animals in all types of situations so I’ve learned over the years to really go with the flow in regards to the readings. In other words, I let my human client’s energy, their guides’ energy, and the energy of the animal(s) we’re connecting to totally lead the way. The other day I was reading for a client who was trying to decide which of a couple of horses to make her own. She had had a very strong dream that was super specific about which of the horses she was looking at, but there were several people in her life that were kind of pushing her away from this particular horse. They felt he would be a ‘project’ for her and since this was her first horse, they just didn’t think it would be a good fit. My client really wanted to follow her gut and wanted some feedback from an outside source.
When I work with clients, they usually tell me the animal(s) they want to communicate with and I connect directly to them using their name, etc. This client, however, wanted us to try it a different way. This is the interesting part. After I did the human part of the reading, we decided that instead of connecting to each of the horses in play and asking questions, sort of interview style, we’d instead go to her guides and ask for them to show me the horse that was supposed to come in to her life. I’d never done it that way before, but figured, what the heck, I’ll let them take the lead again. So I ask the guides and am immediately shown a very specific horse. (It was super cool.) I describe the physical aspects of the horse, which fit with the one my client was really wanting, the one she had the dream about, but the personality characteristics didn’t match what she had seen of this horse. I was seeing him as kind of a stinker, very ‘buzzy’ with energy, a trickster, a handful…a project.
So then, we decided that I would come at it from a different angle and connect directly to the horse she wanted using his name, etc. The information I started getting was completely different from what I got just before. He was mellow, kind of a love bug, looking for a lifelong friend, and REALLY wanting massages. LOL! If I wasn’t used to doing this work, I would have thought these were two different horses, but they weren’t and I knew it. It was the same horse.
When I connect with humans and the animals in their lives, my goal is to get down to the lessons the animals are trying to teach them. There’s always a lesson. And that lesson is ALWAYS there to help us learn about ourselves and to grow. The other thing about these readings is, like I said, you have to let the energy guide you. Often, it makes absolutely no sense while this stuff is coming out of my mouth, but I’ve learned that 99 times out of 100 it all comes together in the end, it all makes sense. As we continued with the reading, we figured out that the first set of characteristics of the horse were those perceived by others. The ones trying to convince her not to adopt this particular animal (having never met him mind you…). The second set of characteristics were coming from his true nature and matched what she felt about him and her dream.
Then there’s this. When I asked this horse about her lesson, he showed me that it was all about trusting her knowing and not looking outside of herself for the answers. It’s awesome to seek advice from others, you just have to know when to take it and when to let it go.
Like I said, it all comes together in the end.
Live and learn in Munay.

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