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Is ‘perfectionistic’ a word?

This week I lost cellular service on my phone. Everything else on it worked, I just couldn’t make or receive any calls. Now I’ll be completely honest here, I don’t really like talking on the phone (which is funny because that’s how I hold my Animal Communication and Intuitive Coaching sessions…over the phone). So the fact that I couldn’t talk on my phone wasn’t all that upsetting to me. But then again, it was.

It was super weird, but I found myself getting really agitated and anxious. Why? I was still getting texts and emails and you could still leave me a message which I could retrieve from another phone, so why was I so worried about not being able to get calls from folks. Turns out, I wasn’t worried about it at all, I was just pissed. Truth is I CAN’T STAND FOR ANYTHING TO NOT BE RIGHT. Makes me insane. For real. ‘Hi, I’m Geri and I’m a perfectionist.’

I was in an Animal Communication webinar the other week and for some reason we were laughing and talking about that, my ‘perfectionistic’ tendencies (and we weren’t sure if that’s actually a word). And it’s pretty funny in general the way I really like things just so, but if you stop and think about what I do for a living…connect energetically to animals, people, and their guides…well it’s downright hysterical. Because these sessions are often just all over the place. Sure, I start out with a format…connect with the human first, then animal, body mapping, questions, the lesson the animal is working with you on…but often times I have to throw it all out the window as we move forward and allow the animal or guides to lead me.

And then there’s this. When I’m giving the information I’m receiving to the human client, they can give me feedback. They can say, ‘Why yes, I am thinking about taking that new job!’ or ‘Yes, he is balking at his food.’ BUT, when I get to the part where the animals are giving me the information there really isn’t any of that. How do you verify what that dog is saying to me? Occasionally I’ll get an email from a client confirming a behavior shift after our reading and after they adopted the things the animal was asking for, but not all take the time to do that. So I literally have to be okay with not knowing if I’m right. Or,

not being PERFECT.

I’m going to give myself a break for being so mad about the phone not working. If I can’t be perfectionistic in my work, I reserve the right to be pissed at my carrier. It’s the things you can control, right?

Live and learn in Munay.

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