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Is it ‘ALL CAP’ worthy?

So lately, I’ve been on a quest to become more authentic in all aspects of my life. And when I use the word ‘authentic’ I mean like big picture. Speaking my mind and saying what I mean (always in a kind way…), paying attention to how I feel about something before I automatically say yes to doing it, staying in the moment (good and bad), and really trying to enjoy and appreciate everything life has to offer. Corny, I know, but for some reason I’ve hit that stage in my life where I feel like it’s time to get down to it. (Kind of sad that it’s taken me this long, but oh well.) So I’m trying to take things in steps, and I’m starting with saying what I mean and meaning what I say. (And yes, this is just one more thing the animals I communicate with are teaching me. They very rarely talk trash.)

As some of you know, the hubby and I were recently on a vacation with friends. Now we absolutely adore these people and part of the reason we do is because they themselves are so very authentic. They speak their minds, they know what they want, in short, they just OWN who they are. And they’re really good people. The other thing we love about these guys are the conversations we have with them. They’re just so good and funny and thought provoking. (Remind me to write a blog about the discussion on the ‘Slot Theory’ at an outdoor café drinking wine in Cannes, France…) So one night I think we were on our way to dinner when our male friend says something to the effect of, “Women over dramatize everything. Men tend to say it like it is.” (I think we were having a conversation about the book Men are from Mars…) He goes on. “Like everything to a woman is HUGE. ‘That was the BEST meal EVER!’ or ‘I had like 10 billion things to do today!’” Now, I can see how some woman in the middle of this conversation could get a bit defensive, but I started laughing because ya know what? It’s TOTALLY true.

And I do it ALL THE TIME. (And that ‘all the time’ isn’t me doing it!)

So today, I am taking my first steps in being totally authentic when speaking. No more ‘ALL CAPS’ in how I describe things, unless they’re ‘ALL CAP’ worthy. This is the LAST TIME EVER I’m going to overdramatize something!

Okay, starting now.

Live and Learn in Munay.

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