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I’m sorry. Actually, I take that back.

I say ‘I’m sorry,’ a lot. I’ve done this my whole life, but I think I’m just now, for the first time, realizing how bad that is. Don’t get me wrong, if you do something wrong, or make a mistake, or hurt someone, you need to say you’re sorry. However, if you say you’re sorry as a way of asking for forgiveness for basically taking up space, then you need to stop that.
Here’s what I mean. The other day I spilled something on the kitchen counter. My husband was with me in the kitchen making dinner and wasn’t anywhere near where I was pouring. So the fact that I spilled something in no way interfered with what he was doing, or hurt him in any way, or damaged the counter. It, in fact, had nothing to do with him and the counter is quartz. Truth be told, I don’t even know if he saw me spill it or even heard me apologize. So why did I say I’m sorry? I said ‘I’m sorry,’ because in my mind I messed up. But who was I saying it to? Was I saying it to God/Spirit/Universe? Thinking that I would be punished for doing something so stupid as spilling some water on the counter?
I think we say sorry in a whole lot of places it doesn’t belong. And I think it’s really just another way that we disrespect ourselves. That we judge ourselves. That we keep ourselves down. That we treat ourselves like we sometimes feel we deserve to be treated. So there it is. We say ‘I’m sorry’ for things that we’ve done that haven’t hurt anyone or caused any damage, simply because by doing something even as innocent as spilling some water on the counter, we feel we’re somehow just not good enough. We messed up. We disappointed the ‘powers that be’ and are now unworthy.
But guess what? We are good enough. And God/Spirit/Universe would never punish us for spilling something on the counter and would never expect us to apologize for most of the things we apologize for. And in fact, when we apologize for all these little completely random things, we’re actually lower our vibration by hanging out in a place of disappointment in ourselves. Wow.
So. The next time you catch yourself saying, ‘I’m sorry’ because you tripped up the stairs, or forgot to turn out the light, or took a wrong turn, or spilled some water on the counter…take it back. Don’t let yourself, for even a moment, hang out in that low vibration place. Step up on to that higher flying disk of awesome vibration and know that you are deserving. I’m sorry if you disagree with this post…
Actually, I’m not.
Live and learn in Munay.

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