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Well hey there! Been a while, huh? I guess I should start by saying sorry I’ve been gone so long. And then go on to tell you exactly why. Except that I don’t really know why. I just stopped writing. Which is weird because it’s TOTALLY one of the things that makes me who I am. It’s how I work things out and it’s how I love to share.

I was talking this morning to two friends/colleagues and we were saying how we all kind of feel like we’re just getting back in to things and how we all needed a fire lit underneath us to get going on all the amazing things we want to get going on. And we were talking about how the whole world has been on hold for the past two years because of the pandemic. At first I disagreed with that because I didn’t really feel like that’s why I’ve been ‘on hold,’ or just not moving forward. Truth be told, living here in tiny-town, NC, we really didn’t see the carnage you all saw. We didn’t feel the shutdowns, etc. as much as other places in the world as least not for as long as others did. 

But my friend then reminded me that because this whole thing was so GLOBAL, that she felt you couldn’t escape the ‘on-hold’ feeling if you tried. And she’s absolutely right. This world we live in…kind of crazy, right? Which of course is all the more reason for us all to continue doing the things that make us who we are. The things that bring us joy. Because if we’ve all learned anything from the past couple of years I hope it’s that ‘Life is short’ thing.

So. I’m back. I’m back to sharing inane things that maybe only I feel are important or worth pondering. But I figure if I can talk about making a new start and my friends and I can light fires for each other to get ourselves moving, then maybe some of you reading this can as well. 

Are you ready to get going?

I am. I’m ready to get going…so stay tuned….

Live and learn with love…

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