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I’ll have what she’s having.

Last week I wrote about a card I pulled from my favorite deck. This week I’m writing about a card I pulled from my second favorite deck (the Starseed Oracle Guidebook by Rebecca Campbell)!

“Double Mission
Serve the world by being you.”

It’s no coincidence that I pulled this card this morning. It’s kind of been a theme in my client readings lately. How important it is to pay attention to how happy and fulfilled we ourselves are in life and to stop putting everyone else…or everything…before us. I know, I know, that sounds selfish. But in actuality it isn’t and it is in fact the best way that we can help others. By being our best selves. Part of the description for this card says this…

“Your role is to light up the world with your presence. This doesn’t have to be a great big thing or a decision you need to make. You also don’t need to have a great big plan….all you need to do is work out what lights you up (your passions and joys) and keep doing that.”

So many of us think that we have to find this great purpose for our lives. Why am I here? What am I supposed to do in this world? How do I make a difference? But it’s often hard for clients to hear when I tell them that their purpose is to find that thing that lights them up, to go through life loving as much as possible, to go through life being joyful and having fun. They say, ‘Well how is that helping anyone?!’ It’s helping because we lead by example. And when we raise our vibration, the folks around us will do one of two things…they’ll either stay away from us because they choose to be miserable and they can’t stand being around us or…like Karl Reiner’s mother says…they’ll say, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

And we really can use this same thinking when it comes to both big and little things in this world. There’s so much going on in this world right now. Some good. A lot bad. But if we focus on the good, on the solutions, on how we want this world do be…and then find our happiness, joy, what lights us up…

We absolutely can make a difference.

It really is all about what we put out there in the world. So just go get happy.

Live and learn with love…

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