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I miss the old SNL…

The other day I had, in the same day, the absolute worst Animal Communication reading in my entire career and the absolute best Animal Communication reading in my entire career. And they happened back to back within 15 minutes of one another. To say that I was frustrated after the first one, the bad one, would be putting it mildly. It wasn’t a bad reading because the animal wasn’t giving me information it was bad because the client was really unhappy about the information the animal was giving. She was pretty adamant about the fact that this animal in her life ‘would never do that’ or ‘would never say that.’ And she was basically saying to me, ‘No, that doesn’t make sense, that’s not what I want to hear, go back and get me something that does and that I do.’ But that’s not the way it works. We don’t get to dictate what the animals we connect with give us.

The same day as these readings I taught a Level 1 class on Animal Communication. Part of what we talk about in these classes is the fact that you have to let go of any attachment to having a client be happy about…or ‘get’… the information they’re receiving. Our job when communicating with animals is to report EXACTLY what we’re seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing and then to leave it at that. Figuring out what something we saw, heard, felt, or sensed means is up to the client. But sometimes that un-attachment is a really hard thing. As humans, we want to be right. We want to help people. We want to tell them whatever it is they need to hear to feel better. When I first started doing this work that was most definitely my biggest challenge. I really wanted every reading to end with a nice pretty bow and everyone walking away feeling satisfied.

After that first call I really had to do some energy management…and quickly before my next call…so I could get back to a really open place so I could successfully connect to the human and animal I was reading next. I kept telling myself, ‘Just do your job. Just present the raw data. Just trust the animal is going to give you what the client needs to hear whether or not that client wants to hear it. That’s your only job.’

And then I met a guinea pig named Bree.

I always say that when you give a reading you get a reading. In other words, there was something I needed to hear in that first difficult reading. Maybe it was a reminder about that non-attachment. Maybe it was to teach me how to better hold space for someone having a difficult time. Maybe it was to help me learn to manage my energy really quickly. I’ll have to spend some time thinking about that.

I do know what Bree gave me in my second reading. Among other things, she reminded me of how much I love this work, how important I think it is, how I really just have to do it…and how much I miss the old SNL. Especially Toonces the Driving Cat…(little inside joke there between me, Bree, and her humans. Thanks you guys…)

Live and learn in Munay.

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