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I just got it!

This past weekend I was supposed to be in Upstate NY with fellow Mediums attending a three-day Intensive for my Mediumship Coaching and Mentoring program. For obvious reasons, the weekend together…meaning physically in eachothers’ presence…couldn’t take place. However we did get in a full day of learning over Zoom. Now in my opinion most of the time a Zoom class doesn’t even compare to being together and yes, I would have much rather been with my colleagues in person, but yesterday’s class surprisingly held up!

Whenever I’m in a class or meeting like this, I really, really want to get the most out of it I can. So I try to ask questions and volunteer. Yesterday it really paid off. Some of the stuff we’re talking about…okay, all of it (after all we’re talking about connecting with those in Spirit)…is pretty heady. So I often have those moments of, ‘OH! I just got that!’ Often followed by, ‘Wait, now I’m confused again.’ It’s like I think I understand it, then it sort of slips away. And that happened during our morning session the other day. Full disclosure, I also tend to be a bit hard on myself as I watch my other students not asking questions so I assume I’m the only one who doesn’t get it. And then I feel stupid. So I tried to clear my head over lunch and kind of told myself to just take it all in and hopefully it would fall in to place at some point. And it did.

After lunch our Mentor Joe Shiel (www.josephshiel.com) was giving us an example of ‘blending’ with Spirit in a certain way. I wasn’t sure whether it was his choice of words or what, but I was getting super confused about what he was saying. So when he got to the point where he always says, ‘Questions? Concerns? Complaints?’ I unmuted myself immediately and was like, ‘Um, yea,’ then tried to explain what I was confused about (and that in itself was challenging because I wasn’t quite sure…lol.) Now Joe can be a bit long winded. He admits this himself and we do kind of love him for it, but you have to really hang on to the thread or you start to drift. But not in this case. He explained what he was talking about then walked me through it by just making me do it. And that’s when it happened. That moment where you say, ‘Holy s&%*t! I just got it!’ And it sticks. I had a MAJOR ‘a-ha’ moment and it immediately changed my practice. Just like that.

So I guess the moral of the story for me anyway is a.) to remind myself to just hang on and have faith that it will all become clear exactly when it’s supposed to, b.) we’re all on different paths and that’s totally okay, and c.) as they say, there are no stupid questions so ask them and don’t feel stupid.

And now I can’t WAIT for my first client reading with this new tool!

Live and Learn with love.

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