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I finally got covid. Phew!

So based on the headline of this blog, my guess is it’s going to be somewhat controversial. Which is actually kind of funny. Me, controversial. (I think my Mom would be proud…) But in actuality, I had a friend say to me sometime last year, “You have to admit, you’re pretty controversial.” That friend no longer speaks to me. My guess is a LOT of friends are no longer speaking to one another based on what each believes and what each doesn’t want to hear. And I can’t help but cry a little every time I think of that truth.

So I got covid. Now for those of you who still care (LOL), I’m fine. It was mild. I did stay away from everyone. And the hubby did not get it. I know exactly who gave it to me, I love her, and we were in touch during her recovery and mine. No I was not exposed to it in a wild party somewhere with 1000 people. No I did not get it in Key West.

The controversial thing comes up because I tend to do my own research. I actually read scientific studies. I get my facts from that and not mainstream media. So I tend to talk about and post stuff about things that can help people, even though those things go against what most people are saying. But, as I keep hearing, ‘the science doesn’t lie.’ Over the past couple of years I’ve been wondering where some are getting their science. And, obviously, they’ve been wondering the same thing about me.

As soon as I started having symptoms, I got in touch with a doctor who is affiliated with a group of doctors who have been fighting covid via the immune system with incredible success. From the very beginning. Unfortunately, they have not been listened to. They’re been shunned, bullied, threatened and shut down instead. But they soldier on. They do so because they feel if they can save one person from drastic symptoms or even death, it’s worth the aggravation.

I guess that’s sort of how I feel. The protocol that I used before and during my illness made all the difference in the world to me. It made the virus move quickly through me, again with mild symptoms. I had the hubby on the same protocol as soon as I started seeing symptoms and he never got it. And, I now have a natural immunity to the virus that may last years. (Again, that’s science, you can look it up.) And now I can help anyone else who gets it by sharing what worked for me. So I’ll say it….

I finally got covid and I’m glad.

As most of you know, I went through breast cancer treatment last year. Now THAT was a bitch. Covid was nothing compared to that. (NOTE: For all of you about to blast me for saying covid was nothing hold up. Covid was nothing for ME. I am fully aware that the virus is WAY worse for many. So don’t even go there….) And since last year I have decided to live my life to the fullest. One of the reasons I was never afraid of covid was because I have a better chance of dying from my cancer returning than I ever did of the virus. That’s just a fact.

I have an old friend who still follows me on FB. About once a month she reaches out to me with a fairly passive-aggressive message asking how I can possibly be touting the immune supplements and drugs I am to fight the vid. The answer is because I’ve found the science to back them up. HOWEVER…

That’s my truth. And I’m entitled to it. (Ya know that emoticon with the chick that holds her hands up like, ‘it is what it is?’ Insert that here.)

I got covid. I’m glad I did and can now enjoy the immunity. I’m glad I can be available for anyone who wants to hear how I moved through it. I’m glad I texted and laughed with my friend the entire time we had it, comparing symptoms. I’m glad I knew how to block the hubby from getting it. I’m glad I kept my vibration high when I got it. I’m glad I’m surrounded by friends who dropped stuff off for me just because they love me. I’m glad my tribe kept tabs on me for a week. I’m glad I no longer have to wonder when I’m going to get it. If this all makes me controversial?

I’ll take that.

Live and learn with love…

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