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I choose to wash my hands.

The other day I was cruising Facebook (for the last time I said to myself…it really is a s*%$t show…) and came across a video someone had posted by Bruce Lipton. I can’t for the life of me find it now, but he talked about how stress is the cause of like 80% or 90% of all of our diseases from cold, to flu, to diabetes, to cancer, etc. And I totally believe that. I believe that we ‘choose’ the things that come to us. Maybe not always consciously, but we choose. So my guess is some of you may be asking me why I ‘chose’ to get b.c. Well that’s where I believe the ‘not always consciously’ part comes in to play. Did I say at some point earlier in my life, ‘Wow, I sure do hope this mammogram finds a lump that they have to take out and I have to have some chemo! Can’t wait!’ Yea, no. That never happened. However, what did happen was I became a bit of a worrier over the past several years. I didn’t see it coming, but it came. And I guess I did start stressing over all things big and small. Which I do believe contributed to me developing a lump. BUT, and this is big, that lump and subsequent treatment have proven to be HUGE lessons for me and literally (like for real, I know everyone says this, but…) changed my life forever. In a REALLY good way.

My lessons in no particular order:

• let it go
• be easy about life
• don’t be a lemming
• don’t believe everything you hear
• don’t let other people’s stuff become your stuff
• find the joy in everything
•listen to your gut, and again that lemming thing…

The other day ‘The Psychic Wives’ and I recorded another podcast episode (it posts today and you can find it on my website, www.gerikarabin.com, www.thepsychicwives.com, or on Apple Podcasts). When the three of us first got on our call we really didn’t know what to talk about, we didn’t really have anything planned and we were all feeling kind of off. So we decided to just do an episode about the wonky energy in the world right now. And for sure, you KNOW this energy is wonky. Between a virus named after a beer and the political ridiculousness going on…yea, wonky. (Side note: A friend posted a meme on FB, which I shared, that said, “Aliens probably ride past Earth and lock their doors.” I LOL’d.) And the thing that I got out of our discussion brought me back to the stress thing. Every time I talk to someone lately, I can feel the stress coming off of them. ‘Is it allergies, or Corona?’ ‘Will my kids have to stay home for a month?’ ‘Will we run out of toilet paper?’ 

The cable media and social media are all over the bad. That’s what they do. But we get to decide how we want to react. Do we stress over every thing we read, or do we find a reliable source, look up the facts, make the appropriate changes in our lives, and continue to live them?

Like I said, we get to choose. How great is that?

I choose to not stress and to wash my hands.

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