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I almost got hit over the head with a crystal.

Full disclosure here. I’m writing this a week and a half before you’re actually reading it. I often write these blogs a bit ahead of time when I find something coming up that I want to write about. But in this case, I’m writing it way ahead of time because my schedule the next couple of weeks is kind of insane. It’s all good, but it’s insane. Next weekend (and when you’ll be reading this) I’m leaving for Rhinebeck, NY and the Omega Institute to study Past Life Regression Therapy techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss and his wife Carole. Which I’m totally psyched about. I’ll be up there for a week and I’ll be with a good friend. Then, the day after I get home, I leave for Bimini, Bahamas to facilitate a group, talking Animal Communication, as we swim with wild dolphins. Again, totally psyched about it. Then, the day after I get home, the hubby and I are entertaining weekend guests. Again, all good. So I’m really not complaining here. Except I am.
See, I’m definitely a bit of a home body. I like my space, I like my house, my little island, my routine. And although I’m totally fine traveling, I just don’t like things lumped together like this. I’d be way more comfortable if these events were spaced out a bit more. Unfortunately, what I tend to do when my schedule is like this is to constantly keep my eye on the next thing I have to do. But when I do that, I miss the thing right in front of me. I’m not present with the thing I’m doing at the time. And these things I’m doing are pretty freakin’ amazing things! Like, I REALLY don’t want to miss even a minute of them! So the point in all of this is…I need to get out of my own way, stop trying to control how things play out, and let all of this amazing stuff in.
I need to just let it be.
Ah, there it is again. My inability to step back and let the Universe orchestrate it for me. Which, it’s already done! I get to study with Dr. Brian Weiss, which means I get to experience Past Life Regressions myself and add to the services I provide my clients. And I get to travel to Bimini to communicate and swim with wild dolphins. The other day I was telling all of this to my Reiki Master, Chris. Being a good friend, she can basically say anything to me so she goes, ‘So you’re going to study with Dr. Brian Weiss and you get to swim with dolphins? If I didn’t like you so much I’d hit you over the head with this crystal.’ Yeah, I think I should just stop this blog right here.
Stay tuned for my next couple of blogs. I’m thinking I’m going to have some stuff to talk about….
Live and learn in Munay.

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