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How COOL is THAT?!

The other day I had something super cool happen to me. I already shared it on my FB page, so if you saw it sorry for the repeat, but I’m diving a little deeper here so you might want to read on. Recently, the Hubby and I bought ourselves Ōura Rings (https://ouraring.com/). They’re personal health tracking devices that help you analyze your sleep patterns, activity, heart rate, etc. After the year I just had, I most definitely needed to get my health back and figured this would be a great help in doing that. There’s an app that goes along with the ring and like many tracker apps, if it detects that you’re doing a workout, it actually asks you about it.

So last night I’m settling down for the evening and I open the app to see how I did for my day. First thing that comes up is a notice that the ring detected a workout at 4:24pm and asked me if I wanted to log it in the app. But I wasn’t doing a workout at 4:24pm…I was in the middle of a reading and connected to a pretty energetic Poodle at the time. But when I looked at the graph of my activity level during the day, there it was, a very definite spike in my heart rate right around 4:30pm…when I was calmly sitting at my desk on the phone with my client. I wasn’t out of breath, wasn’t sweating, wasn’t feeling like I was on a treadmill. And I thought….THAT’S SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!

The other day I was on the phone with my dear friend Julie and we were discussing all things Mediumship. We’re both Animal Communicators and are both delving deeper in to Mediumship. We figured we connect with animals whom have passed, why not see if we can do it with humans in Spirit? We were talking about ‘how’ we receive information. Like are we getting it ‘Mediumistically’ meaning joined with Spirit and can feel Spirits clothes on my back, feel a coffee cup in my hand, etc. Or is it more ‘Psychically’ meaning maybe I’m just seeing a Spirit and I feel he did this for a living? (It’s actually pretty hard to describe the difference between those two things so sorry….)

I know there are a lot of Mediums out there who say stuff like, ‘You can’t call yourself a Medium if you get things Psychically.’ My answer to that is always, ‘Who cares how you’re getting the information if you’re being of service to your client?’ But maybe that’s another blog. Anyway, Julie said something that I never really thought about before. When we’re connected to an animal in Spirit, we ARE seeing, feeling, hearing, etc. the things going on in their body. We are actually seeing through their eyes. We ARE connected to them. So, getting back to my point here…I’m pretty sure the heart rate my ring was picking up was coming from the Poodle I was reading. And seriously….

How cool is THAT!?!

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