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How about a little push?

For the past 10 days I’ve learned a lot about how to just sit and chill…mostly because I haven’t had a choice…and how amazing things happen when you do. I mentioned last week that I had oral surgery. Well according to most of the dental surgeons out there when you have this surgery there’s no need to take any extra time off from work and most people go back to work the day after your surgery. Apparently I’m not most people. So the first couple of days after this surgery weren’t all that bad. Mainly because they give you some fun little happy pills to help with pain. But those pills end around day six. And that’s when the fun starts. That day the hubby came home to find me just lying in bed weeping because it hurt so bad to drink, eat, or even talk. Trust me, there was very little working. I assisted in a few Animal Communication classes and did my best to smile and sound intelligent, but other than that there wasn’t much else I was able to do. Because of that, I found myself retreating to my bed most afternoons and really not caring about anything else going on in my life.

And that’s when I got another one of those HUGE reminders that the Law of Attraction really does work and how that whole ‘getting back to basics’ thing I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (the K.I.S.S. blog) really is the way to go. You see, the best thing you can do in order to start manifesting the things you want in your life…and let go of all the stuff that you don’t…is to just be happy and allow it in. Get out of the way of it all. Because I was miserable trying to do anything else…work, eat, drink, talk…I kind of had no choice but to lie in bed each afternoon, read a little, nap a little and release any attachment to any of the things that needed to get done around my house, in my office, or with my dogs. I just had to find a happy place, let go, and stay put for a bit. And you know what? Not one bad thing happened when I did. The house is fine. The dogs are happy and loving. My clients are all still scheduling. My mouth is healing nicely. I’ve lost 6 pounds. And I’m feeling refreshed.

That whole K.I.S.S. blog was about me letting go of even thinking about all the not so great stuff that happened in the past and of anticipating more of it. This week and last, I had no choice but to do that.  And that crap just went away. So you could look at this whole mouth surgery as the Universe’s way of saying, ‘Okay, if you’re not going to do it for yourself, let’s just give you a little push.’

Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Live and learn in Munay.

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