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How about a little kiss?

The other day I was talking to a friend about the Law of Attraction. We’ve both been really in to it for years now, but had admitted that we’d each gone through a phase of disbelief if you will. Her several years ago, me about four months ago. And I’m not sure if disbelief is the word. I think it was more of a crisis of faith. Like there were a lot of things going wrong and I felt very out of control so I started thinking that the idea of co-creating your life was turning out to be bulls&*t. Because I really didn’t feel I was doing anything to co-create these ‘not-so-good’ things that kept coming in to my life.

Like most of my conversations with her…and with pretty much all of my L of A loving friends…the more we talk, the more things become clear to us. The more parts and pieces of the solution pop in to our heads. And the closer we get to feeling better and having that ‘a-HA!’ moment. At one point in this particular conversation my friend asked what were the lessons I learned over the past several months from all that had been going on. After I thought about it I realized they were pretty much the same lessons I’ve been working on for years…let it go, just be in the moment, appreciate, etc. But this time, again, as we fleshed it out, I realized that the main lesson I was meant to learn was K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple stupid.

(Although when I said that she changed the last S to ‘sweetie’ because it’s much more positive and I agree.) In other words, we needed to get back to basics when it comes to all this stuff.

It turns out we’re both over thinkers. (If you know me that should come as no surprise to you…) And when you’re working with the Law of Attraction, over thinking it all can get you in some trouble. Trying to plan how and when something is going to happen, or trying to micromanage it can do more harm than good. What we found was in that planning and in that micromanaging (or trying to control) we were missing the most basic and most powerful part of using the L of A to manifest the things we want in our lives. We were missing the contentment, the satisfaction, the just plain good feeling of it all. We were missing the fun.

Just prior to writing this I was listening to a recording of an Abraham-Hicks workshop. And lo and behold one of the main messages of the whole workshop was simply finding that place of satisfaction or contentment in where ever you are at the moment. Just keeping it simple. Having fun. Living in the moment. So…

How about a little K I S S?

Live and learn in Munay.

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