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Hi I’m Geri and I’m human.

The other day I had a really, really good session with a brand new client. This client had been given a gift certificate for one of my readings. Now, when I first find out that I’m doing a ‘g.c.’ reading, I’m always a little guarded. In fact, I keep considering NOT offering gift cards. The problem is that often folks that have had a reading from me love it and say stuff like, ‘Oh my god! You HAVE to read my [husband, sister, friend]!’ Which is awesome that they want to talk about how great the reading was and refer me to others, but sometimes the folks they’re saying HAVE to have a reading (the ones they buy g.c.s for) don’t actually believe in what I do. In other words, they’re skeptics. Now if you’re a skeptic, that’s totally fine! I don’t need you to believe in what I do. I really don’t. But I also don’t want to waste my time in a reading being tested and being put in the position of trying to make you believe in what I do. Seriously, no offense! I don’t think any less of you for not believing in this work.

So I’m doing my usual introduction in this reading and I ask this client if she’s ever done anything like this before…worked with a psychic, medium, animal communicator…and she says, “I’ve never even heard of such a thing!” Uh-oh. I keep going with my intro and then dive in to the reading. As it turns out, it was one of the best readings I’ve had in awhile. This woman’s personality came through immediately. She was this sassy-ass, high energy, take no nonsense, super cool chick. And so was her cat. At one point I started to use a swear word. Now I know it may seem weird, but sometimes it’s the only way you can get your point across so I say, “I’m going to swear here, sorry.” And she’s like, “Oh hell you can say f#$%k all you want! I’m Italian!” LOL. That’s the kind of reading it was.

When I’m working with students teaching them Animal Communication we often talk about how we have to have no attachment to the outcome of a reading. In fact, I include that statement in my little intention/prayer before every reading, ‘let me have no attachment to the outcome, let me be of service.’ By that I mean that even though we really want the client to have an ‘a-ha’ moment, even though we want them to say, “Holy crap this is amazing!” we need to let that go. There’s a whole lot of ego involved in needing that validation and that’s not what this should be about. 

And yet. We’re human. And every now and again it’s super cool to be reminded that you are being of service. It’s super cool to hear that someone who didn’t even know this type of thing existed had an awesome reading and that the things you were telling them were spot on, made sense to them, and helped them move forward in another way, changing a behavior that was no longer serving them…AND looking at their animals differently, understanding that they are here as amazing little messengers full of nothing but love for us.

I got one of those reminders that I was being of service in this reading. Particularly when this oh-so-awesome client says, “How the f$%7k are you doing this?! This is AWESOME!”

Yep, I’m human. And I love being of service… 

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