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Hey Mister, you’re pretty cool…

A couple of weeks ago the hubby and I went to an NFL football game here in North Carolina. Those of you who know me know that for some reason I don’t really care about professional football, but I LOVE college football. Go figure. So, I wasn’t all that psyched about going to this game, but, it was my hubby’s birthday and he’s a Giants fan and our good friends are Panthers fans so it was just a good opportunity to have some fun while we watched the two teams duke it out. Now, growing up in New Jersey, I really came to love the fall. You know, fall and football just go hand in hand. Unless you live in North Carolina.
On game day we woke to temperatures in the mid 80s with a level of humidity to match. Here we are, heading to a game in shorts and tank tops already sweating at 9 a.m. But at least it was cloudy. That is until just after kick off when the sun decided to shine down upon us. And make us sweat even more. So here we are sitting pretty high up, surrounded by thousands of sweaty people, with the sun beating down on us, and barely a breeze moving through the stadium. Add to that my level of discomfort being surrounded by a ton of people. When you do the work I do, you really have to manage your energy around large groups of people. You have to not let stuff it. It can be a challenge. But again, hubby’s birthday and all so I’m trying to just casually watch the clock and tell myself that I can make it through the next three hours. Until I couldn’t.
Right before halftime we decide to go down get out of the sun and get something to eat and drink. Of course it’s crazy crowded, but we manage to cool off a bit in the shade. And then it was time to head back up to our seats. And that’s when it hit me. I’m not enjoying this at all. I love the hubby, but this is kind of silly that I’m doing this just to make him happy, when all he keeps doing is asking if I’m okay. So he’s worrying about me and I’m worrying about him having a good time so I’m trying to act like I am. But I’m not. So, when he turns to me and says, ‘Ready to head back up?’ I said ‘No. Actually I’m not. But I really want you to. And I don’t want you to worry about me.’ So he and our friends went back up to our seats and I walked around a bit. I walked around until I found a line of misters, in front of a TV, and a little table where I could lean, drink my water, and watch the game in total comfort. For those who aren’t used to football in the south, misters are these little lines of hoses that are blowing water mist down on anyone that walks by. (I hear they have them at places like Disney too…) So I’m basically standing in the rain watching the game. And I’m happy.
Of course I have my phone in my pocket and like every 20 minutes or so the hubby is texting asking if I’m okay. The last text I wrote to him said, “I’m fine, I SWEAR! I’m cool, I’m watching the game, I’m talking to folks, and I’m actually having fun! So stop bugging me! LOL!” And I really was having fun at this point. There were folks walking up to me joking about sharing my mister. Folks seeing me standing there alone asking if I’d take their picture. Folks saying, ‘Man, you’ve got the right idea!’ I’m sure to some I looked a bit weird. Like who is this woman standing here alone under a mister watching a game?
My point in all of this is I didn’t start to have fun until I decided to do the game my OWN way, instead of how everyone else thinks you should do a game. Once I decided what was right for me…AND ACTED ON IT…I found myself in the perfect place, around some really fun people, enjoying the afternoon.
Last week I wrote a blog about owning it. That seems to theme…
Live and learn in Munay.

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