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As a Animal Communicator, not only do I read animals for clients, but I also TA (teacher assist) in classes taught on the subject. I’m currently TAing for a class addressing the business end of this type of service work. Part of that class is a Facebook group where the students can post questions and get support/ideas about their websites, etc. So the other day I was checking in on that class and had seen that several people were looking for some feedback on some things. And my first thought was ‘oh no! I have to immediately jump in and help these folks figure it out so they don’t have to do all the work that I already did AND they won’t feel like I’ve abandoned them OR am not good at this TAing thing!’ But I didn’t. I held back.
I’ve always been a helper. I’ve always wanted to reach out and help people figure something out, or help them understand something that I figured out because I went through hell doing it. But I’ve started to realize that when I do step in and try to make it better for someone, maybe I’m interrupting the most important part. The ‘them figuring it out’ part. After all, the lessons I’ve learned figuring stuff out have always turned out to be more important than the actual stuff I figured out.
It’s like the Law of Attraction. I REALLY want people to get this stuff. Because it’s been pretty life changing for me. I used to be what I’d call a ‘realist.’ If it was my day off and I wanted to go to the beach, I’d say, ‘well, it’s probably going to rain.’ That way, when it did rain, I wouldn’t be disappointed and could be all woe is me and say, ‘Told ya.’ The L of A changed all that for me when I realized that by constantly putting that kind of thing out there, I was actually attracting more of it. Often, when I listen to an Abraham-Hicks workshop, they say that it’s not our job to try to make anyone ‘get’ this stuff. (And, in fact, if they’re not ready to learn, it doesn’t matter what you do, they’re not going to get it.)
But then I also thought about this.
How much of me wanting to help, is me needing to make sure everyone knows I CAN help?
How much of us wanting to help people is us just needing help ourselves? Meaning, if I help people and they say, ‘Wow, you’re so good at this!” that makes me feel good. That validates me. So, that helps me feel better about myself. That helps me. But, maybe it’s time I stop looking for that kind of help.
Yes, me not immediately jumping in to help the students in the FB group actually helped them more. But I’m also thinking it helped me help myself…
Live and learn in munay.

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