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Have you hugged someone today?

I write this as I sit in my doctor’s office hooked up to my every-three-week oil change (as I’ve started referring to my treatments…). And while I’m sitting in a nice comfy chair complete with heat and massage and looking out a large window at a beautiful sky and swaying trees in the distance, it kind of sucks. Not because I’m hooked up to a drip (although, trust me, that does sort of suck) but because I’m kind of alone here. Let me explain…

When I first started my chemo treatments my doctor’s office was in a different location. The room where I got infusions was a big, open room with chairs about two or three feet apart and you could see everyone in the room. And you could talk to everyone in the room. So we kind of got to no one another. Sure we shared ‘what we were in for,’ but we also learned a bit about one another. We shared pictures of kids and dogs, etc. We gave one another encouragement and tips, etc. We even gave on another little hugs as we left for the day. It was like we got to know the regular Thursday crowd. Since my chemo has ended, like I said, I only have to go in every three weeks so that has changed just because of that, but also because the office moved. Now we’re in a super comfy, nice place, again with a great view out the window and way more space for more patients. However, each patient is now divided into like their own little cubicles. I don’t think this has anything to do with ‘the virus,’ I think it was planned this way for patient privacy. But still, it kind of sucks. It sucks because we all have very little contact now. We don’t even see one another let alone have the ability to talk or share with one another.

When the pandemic was in full swing back in like May and everyone started wearing masks and not touching one another, I remember I had just finishing chemo and was in my local market owned by friends. It was pretty much my first time out in a long time because I was ‘high risk’ when getting treatments so really couldn’t be out and about regardless of the virus until this time. So I’m standing there talking to my friends and a woman comes in wearing a mask and all careful not to touch anything or anyone. I see this so am being uber respectful to her and staying like 10 feet away from her. Now, I’m not wearing a mask at the time. (Full disclosure, I don’t wear them if I’m not forced to…that’s just me…) The door opens and another friend of mine walks in. We see each other for the first time in like three months, both of us scream, run towards each other and wrap our arms around each other hugging for at least a full three minutes. I’m laughing as I’m remembering the look on the other customer’s face as she paid for her purchases and high tailed it out of there thinking we were insane. But here’s the thing, that hug was amazing. Hugs in general are amazing and I hug people ALL THE TIME. Even amidst covid. Let’s face it, as humans we need to be physical with one another. I know many will disagree with me but I think it’s time. As Olivia Newton John says…

Let’s get physical.

Have you hugged someone today?

Live and Learn with love.

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