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Happy New Year!

For those of you who don’t know, I live on a kind of small island off the southeast coast of North Carolina. For the longest time, there was only one bridge on and off the island, but about nine years ago the powers that be built another one. So for the first time ever, the people of Oak Island had two ways off the Island…one on the east side and one further down the island nearer to the west end. And then we didn’t.

About six months ago those same powers that be closed one of our bridges…’the old bridge’…down for maintenance. So we were all back to having only one way on and off the island, and it wasn’t the closer way. For many, this added 15 plus minutes to any venture. There was a lot of complaining about the construction and the awful road we had to take if we did leave the island. And full disclosure, I found myself feeling pretty pissy about it at times too. And I work from home! (The hubby…lord love his heart as they say down here…basically tripled his commute and I barely heard him complain about it.) Some of you living in other more congested places in the country are probably going to laugh at this, but this bridge closing actually kept a lot of folks home as they didn’t want to deal with the extra time or the bad road. And truth be told, several business that were kind of cut off by the bridge closing have actually suffered.

I’ll get to my point. The ‘old bridge’ was supposed to open up today, the day you’re reading this. Much to all our joy, it opened this past Friday. And here’s the great thing. At about 11am I got a text from the hubby saying he heard the bridge was opening!!! (there were several exclamation points!) Then, I saw a friend’s post saying she could hear yelling and whooping and clapping outside her office window right by the bridge. When she looked out, she saw the picture above. Again, all you folks living in big towns around the world might laugh at this, but when you live in a small town, it’s the little things that cause a party, that make people happy, and that make us appreciate those around us.

More disclosure here. Last week was a bad week for me. I mean it really felt like everything that can go wrong, was. But then, the bridge opened and it was like New Year’s Eve in Times Square down here.

And THAT made me smile.

Like I said, it’s the little things. And all you need to do is find something to appreciate, let that take hold, and just watch what happens.

Live and learn in Munay.

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