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Good vibrations.

This morning I took my dog to the vet for her six month check up. My dog is a very good natured pup, but when it comes to going to the vet, she gets nervous. And, truth be told, so do I. I mean I get nervous when I go anywhere near ANY type of doctor. People or animal. So this morning we had to wait a bit in the exam room and she was pacing back and forth, crying, looking at me and pulling me towards the door of the room. I was trying to get her to relax by talking to her, but in my head, I knew that I was just as itchy as she was to get out of there. In fact, I realized, my stomach had been bothering me since we got in the car to drive to the appointment.

 And that got me thinking. Normally, when we’re in the room waiting for the doctor I’m saying things like, ‘I know, it sucks, but it’s going to be over shortly and then you won’t have to come back for another 6 months.’ (Basically, the same thing I say to myself every time I’m in my doctor’s office.) In other words, in my mind, I’m focusing on the negative of the appointment and just trying to get through it. So, that’s the energy I’m passing on to my dog at her appointment.

 We’re all energetic beings. Meaning, we’re made of and feel energy. Animals feel it more than we do. Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling anxious, or sad, or angry, your animal almost immediately responds to your energy? I know mine do. When I’m upset? If I’m crying? My girl is right there next to me. If I use the ‘f-word’? You don’t have to be an Animal Communicator to know what she’s trying to say to me.

 My point is, the animals in our lives read us like books. They feed off of our energy. And, they’re always teaching us. Today, my pup taught me a lesson. I needed to clean up the energy I was sending down her leash. Even though I wasn’t acting physically twitchy and nervous, she knew I was. And here’s the thing. When I realized what I was doing, and stopped. So did she. She lied down at my feet and waiting for Dr. T.

 So, the next time you’re with your animal and she’s twitchy and nervous, anxious and worried.

 Take a look at yourself.

 Then manage your energy and send only good vibes.

 In Munay…

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