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Go limp and trust.

The other day I had to have blood drawn. No big deal for some people, big deal for me. See, if I’m sitting in one of those ghastly little chairs with the arm thingy that comes out, there’s a 50/50 shot (okay, really 70/30…) that I’m going to pass out when the needle goes in. I’m not proud of it, but there it is. So, when I need to have blood drawn (which I need to do twice a year), it’s pretty stressful. Yes, for some reason I have this things about a needle going in to my arm, but, that’s not the most stressful part. The most stressful part is that I have to walk in to a place and explain to them that I need to be lying down or I’ll pass out. Talk about embarrassing? Talk about being vulnerable? I feel like a complete loser when I have to do that.
Normally before I head to the lab, I’m pounding water to plump my veins (yea, to top it off I have tiny veins and very little blood comes out of them…), I’m covering myself in essential oils, I’m practicing my energy management techniques and I’m focusing on breathing. But I’m also reminding myself that Christy at the lab I go to is the best. She’s cool, compassionate, knows how to handle a needle, and knows I need to lie down and is super cool about it. I like Christy so much that I recently received a letter from my insurance company saying that this particular lab is now ‘out of network’ so it was going to cost me more to go there and I still go there. That’s how much I love Christy.
So on this day, I do my regular energy management stuff and I’m feeling fairly good when I walk in the place. And there, standing in front of me is completely new phlebotomists. No Christy. This woman’s name is Diane. Naturally, all of the prep I’ve done to get this far is now out the window and I can feel myself starting to panic a bit. Because now I have to embarrass myself by explaining that I’m a big baby and need to be lying down in order not to pass out. PLUS, sometimes when I’m really, really nervous….I start to well up. As in cry. Yep, 54 year old trying to hold back tears as she admits she’s a whimp. The day was starting out great.
But here’s the thing. How many times have you all heard me say Universe is in divine order? And that it fixes things for you better than you could ever imagine? Well, it is. And it does. While Diane goes back and gathers all the tubes and gloves and rubber things to take to the room where I can lie down, I have a very quick conversation with myself about Universe being in divine order and how I have to just LET GO. I literally told myself to get out of the way, go limp in my mind and in my body and TRUST.
And it worked. Diane was in and out of my arm in less than 30 seconds. I didn’t even feel the needle. She asked me what I did for a living and was into Animal Communication when I told her. She asked for a business card so she could schedule an appointment with me. And I got to hear about her awesome “Chorkie” (Chihuahua Yorkie mix), how much passion she has for her job, and how she’s recently fallen in love for the second time in her life. We hugged when I left. Who knew a blood draw could be so awesome? The lesson? Yes, the Universe is in divine order and….
You can’t make it happen better than the Universe, so just quick trying, relax, and go limp and trust.
Live and learn in Munay.

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