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Go chase some tail….

For several weeks now I’ve been dealing with some things that happened over the holidays that caused me a great deal of stress, anxiety, and sadness. And, like most humans I was absolutely unable to just let go of them. To just stop thinking about them. As a result, I got sick. Nothing big, just a cold. But it was like no other cold I’ve ever had. Yes, I know, you can only catch a cold from an actual germ. However, it really is my belief that when you’re worried, anxious, stressed, sad, etc, you’re vibrating at such a low frequency that that germ can easily worm itself into you as opposed to when you’re flying high and happy, and it can’t. The other day a friend and I were discussing that saying about ‘enjoying the journey,’ and how we’ve been hearing some version of it for most of our lives. We all know we’re supposed to enjoy the journey, but how many of us actually do? A recent Abraham-Hicks quote also reminded me of it.
“You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.”
So many of us go through life saying, ‘when I get past this one little thing, life is going to be awesome.’ I’d say most of us do at points throughout our life. That made me think of the animals around us. None of them do this. Not one of the animals in your life ever says, ‘Once I catch that squirrel running through my yard, my life with be complete.’ On the contrary. Your dog wakes up, goes outside and thinks, ‘Yay! I get to go chase that squirrel again today!’
So, while I’ve been over thinking, over stressing, and over obsessing about things that happened, but are now over and done, I’ve been missing out on life. I’ve been making my journey an unhappy one. I’m done doing that. Today…
Gigi and I are going to chase some squirrels.
In Munay…
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