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Gigi’s morning ritual. I’m okay with it.

If you’ve never heard me talk about her before, I have a 12 year old German Shepherd named Gigi. I’m assuming most of you have heard the expression ‘heart dog.’ Well Gigi is that for me. She’s my heart. Now twelve years old is old  for a GSD. And I understand that she’s given us more time than normal for a GSD, but even so, as an Animal Communicator, I’ve had several discussions with her recently basically demanding that she stick around AT LEAST until the end of my whole cancer protocol which would make her 13. So far, she’s agreed.

So every month we give our dogs a flea and tick treatment. It’s a pill and it lasts for three months. Up until three months ago she and my other dog Blue were just fine with it. This month when I put it in their bowls with their breakfast they both balked and wouldn’t eat. Especially Gigi. She didn’t want any part of it causing us to have to first try to trick her in to eating it by putting it in yummy cheese, then basically shoving it way back in her throat and holding her mouth shut until she swallowed. Fun! Now, since that time, Gigi has refused to eat her breakfast, but happily eats lunch and dinner. Blue is fine now with his so I know it’s not about the pill anymore (but yes, we are changing away from that). Every morning the hubby is up before I am, takes the dogs out and feeds them. Every morning when I get up and make my way in to the kitchen I find her bowl on the counter filled with her uneaten food. So now it’s my job to get her to eat her breakfast.

Lately, I’ve gotten to the kitchen, made a mug of coffee, and taken her bowl to the sunroom. There I sit on the floor and get comfy with my coffee, put the bowl in my lap and pick up a piece or two of kibble and hold it over the bowl. She daintily picks at a them, then dives right in to the whole bowl and eats by herself, bowl still on my lap, me petting her head and enjoying my coffee. The other day on our podcast (www.thepsychicwives.com or Apple Podcasts) we talked about our morning rituals. Apparently this is now Gigi’s.  And here’s the thing. I’m okay with that.

For about five minutes every morning I’m sitting on the floor, petting my dog, watching her happily eat, enjoying a lovely cup of coffee in my warm and sunny sunroom. I’ve realized that this is Gigi’s way of spending quality time with me. It’s her way of just being with me. It’s her way of slowing me down and helping me ease in to my mornings. It’s kind of her way of loving me. 

And it’s her way of showing me that I’m her ‘heart human.’

The animals are in our lives for a reason. It’s our job to listen to them and take their lead.

Live and Learn with love.

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