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I was having a conversation with a client the other day kind of after our official reading was over…I had read her cat who had crossed over a couple of months ago. She was asking me how I receive the psychic information I do in a reading. And it made me laugh because I get information in some pretty funny ways. Often during readings I say to my clients, “Okay, so I get a lot of information by seeing TV shows, commercials, and movies. No, I don’t watch TV all day, but for some reason that’s how it comes to me.” So for example, I may be in the middle of a reading and I’ll suddenly see in my mind an image of Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials and I’ll start to describe what I’m seeing and the client will say, ‘OMG! We dressed my cat up as Flow her last Halloween with us!’ Something like that. Or, I’ll see an image or get a feeling about something that recently happened in my life and I’ll know that I’m supposed to explain that to my client because they’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. So what I’ve learned is I receive the information in the way that will best allow me to pass it on to my clients.

I remember when I was studying Animal Communication and I was practicing psychic readings with fellow students and I would listen to how they read an animal and I’d get all jealous. I would think, ‘That’s SO cool how they get things symbolically! I wish I could do that!’ or ‘That’s awesome how they actually HEAR words or phrases and I don’t!’ (For some reason I don’t hear things at all, but I do see words and phrases. Which actually makes sense because I’m a writer. So there you go…)

I was recently in my Mediumship Circle (a weekly gathering where a bunch of Mediums practice readings on each other) and a fellow student asked how to go about developing our different senses because she mostly received information in one particular way. We all have a certain sense that’s a bit stronger than the others. And it’s human to want all of them to be just as strong as the others. It’s human to want to receive information in the cool way that someone else does! But what I’ve learned is it’s not about me. And it never should be.

It’s about being of service to the client and Spirit…animal or human… And that means receiving the information in the easiest way possible for me so I can present it as clearly as possible for my client. Is it okay to play with the other senses to see if you can grow them? For sure. But, if I continue to get information via brat pack movies from the 80s, so be it. 

Hopefully my clients get the picture.

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